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G'Day from Redcliffe

Guest Reddy Eddy

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Guest Reddy Eddy

I just started flying again after a few years break and I am flying a Texan from Redcliffe's Free Flying.



I will be flying to Natfly with a longtime flying buddy and am really looking forward to it.



I started flying hang gliders back when hang gliding was dangerous and sex was safe.



I then progressed to ultralights by building my own. By that time neither was considered safe.



I then moved on to tinnies (C172) which are supposedly safe. I can safely say that I was bored after awhile.



Next was Drifters followed by Skyfoxs for a few years.



I have flown slightly over 1000 hours and look forward to the next few thousand.



The new planes are exciting and I am eager to see them up close and fly some of them.



See you there



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Guest Reddy Eddy

What I Built


I built a modified version of a Kasperwing. Which is a flying swept wing with weight shift for pitch control & drag rudders for yaw & roll. (Looks a like Fledge hang glider)


Mine had a constant chord wing with modified rudders. I added 4 degrees dihedral & 4 degrees washout for stability which improved the handling over the original Kasperwing. I also a Kawasaki 440cc with electirc start as it is motor glider. It also had fiberglass & lexan fairing (cockpit).


I built it from scratch not from a kit. Started with aluminum tubing, wire and dacron, and with a lot of blood sweat & tears turned it into something that actually flew well from the first flight.



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Guest danda

Welcome Reddy Eddy great to have you on board.


As Chris said there is a great bunch of blokes here I'd love to see a picture or 2 of you scrach built aircraft.





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Guest Reddy Eddy

Pictures Coming


I have found a couple of pictures of my Kasperwing yet a few have gone astray. As soon as I can figure out how to scan them and post them I will. Since coming back from Narromine I have been too busy working to take the time to do it. I will aim to get in done over the weekend.



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Guest Reddy Eddy

Golden Oldie Photos


Here are a couple of photos of my Kasperwing.


I built this from scratch in the early 80's from raw auluminium ,made a pattern for the sailcloth and cut the sail.Would not do it again! Had some help making the rudders by Grahame Johns.(Skyland Kites fame)


The pilot sits in a swing seat (no photo) and swings back & forwards for pitch control. The roll and yaw control is done by turning the "steering yoke" left and right. The rudders are activated by push pull cable and was very responsive. If you lifted the yoke then both rudders were activated causing a heap of drag in order to make a steep descent while still maintaining directional control.


This is what the original Kasperwing was supposed to do and create 'Vortex Lift' and create a very steep descent. In reality it was more hype than substance. After having flown the original Kasperwing I came to the conclusion that it was too unstable with only 1 degree of dihederal.


When I built my own version I increased the dihederal and wash out to 4 degrees based on experience from flying hang gliders. I used to fly an EF5 rigid wing hang glider and a mate had a Fledge 3 ET and so came to the conclusion based on their flying characteristcs.


It proved to be right as from the first time that it flew it handled really well and never had to make any adjustments from there on.


The second time I flew it I thermaled to 8,500ft; that was awsome and bloody cold. I had not fitted the fairing (cockpit) then. I did most of my flying out of Watts Bridge SEQ and bit in Mt Isa and Kooralbyn.


The first time I flew it was about a week after I got my GA licence. That was intersesting. In a C172 push the yoke forward, you go down; pull back, you go up! Push the pedal right, you go right; push left, you go left.


In my Kasperwing you push the yoke forward, you go up, pull the yoke back you go down. Push the pedal right, you go left; push the pedal left you go right. Very interesting. Keeps you thinking.


All part of the fun and the past.







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Now that's what it's all about. Experimentation and coming up with something that is out of the norm. With you experience, R.E, I think you'll be getting quite a few posts from those of us who want to build 'our type of plane'.


Welcome to the forum, keep those experiences coming. Doug



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