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Unique use for bungee cords- Tailwheels springs


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The same principal is used on my Thruster, and other Thrusters I have seen, but with better adaption for security. My tailwheel has a number of loops of shock rubber, the kind you can get at Bunnings, then tensioned up to provide the correct amount of control authority and to stop tailwheel 'shimmy' - reminds me; I still have a bit of that I must sort out. In addition, my tailwheel has a positive but loose linkage made from flying wire material so I still have some control if the shock rubber/bungy cord lets go. I'll see if I can find a photo to post here.


To answer your question Win - I reckon I would modify the set up as shown in the photo. Not quite secure enough for me.





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Right from the start with the early Stolaeros and Condors i found trying to get a decent tail wheel spring set up for steering to be a pain. The final answer was simple. Leave it non steerable just put a friction washer in there for a bit of resistance. Rudder and throttle works ok for me.



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