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Instructors Demo Model

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Folks Iam after 1 of those moodel A/C the flying schools have with all moving bits. Are they available as kit? I am into RC but those kits are a bit flimsy to be used in a class room envionment.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.




Dave B



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I didn't find anything off the shelf, so had a friend build a solid wood thing (Generic) of a conventional 3 axis highwing plane. (No particular reason for highwing except it is easier). It's worth putting a bit of dihedral on it because most planes have some, and it does come into a lot of situations like x-wind landings etc. It has to be robust and have moving control surfaces that stay where they are left. I used thin aluminium sheet for the hinges. (Which will eventually break, but it takes a while before that happens). The sheet metal from a jam tin would do also. If it is in slots formed in the wood it can be removed and replaced easily.


3 pieces of brass or copper tube with Inside dia of about 2 mm in appropriate positions on the bottom of the fusalage, allow a wire undercarriage to be fitted. If you locate the main gear holes vertically and have those two wire legs offset Ffore and aft) by about 1 inch , by reversing the way they are inserted in the locator holes you can put the wheels rearwards (for a tricycle U/C and forwards for a Taildragger. Insert the single wheel in the forward hole when you want to replicate the nosewheel situation.It's very important to have the two types of undercarriage to discuss the position of the wheels and the C of G with the two types. to illustrate the ground handling techniques.. Nev



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Guest pookemon

Our school has a model that's been welded up out of some steel plate and hinges for the control surfaces. If you dropped it it'd go through the floor (after your foot). I'll try and get some piccies of it.



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