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Can I join you ?


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Hello from York, Western Australia.


Last time I made use of my PPL was twenty years ago...too expensive, too complicated and not enough fun for the money "invested".


This year I discovered microlights and have taken lessons in an Airborne Outback 912. I am now waiting for the CFI to be available for my pre-solo check flight.


What an experience !


I've got my work cut out checking out the posts on this forum but meanwhile I'll put a thread out regarding "Aircraft Syndicates".


Greetings to you all and hopefully lots of flying over the Easter week end (I'm on duty manning our retail shop and crushing olives).





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Guest Decca

Hi Arnaud - from Snake Valley Vic. Welcome to the Forums - there's plenty of experience to read about. I'm not flying yet but envious of what you're about to achieve.





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