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CASA news September 2011


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Not sure if everyone is up with this but John McC has made some interesting comments of late:




...(O)ne of our strategies for the next three years is to promote broad and effective consultation and communication with the wider aviation community, including strengthening our consultative network. I have established a new general aviation task force to consider the views of the general aviation sector in relation to a range of selected issues. Among other things, the task force will be looking at aspects of existing and proposed pilot licensing requirements, the need to hold an air operator's certificate for certain kinds of operations and the obligation for smaller organisations to maintain drug and alcohol management plans. The task force will gather the perspectives of those most directly involved in the activities under review, starting with aerial agricultural operations. This move is just part of our commitment to ensuring our regulatory processes are effective, appropriate and rationally responsive to genuine safety-related concerns. It is about delivering the intended safety outcomes to the highest possible level, without imposing unnecessary burdens on the aviation industry.





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