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New Prop Needed!

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Hello everyone, as some already know, i am in the market for a new Propellor, the cost of a new 3 blade Brolly is $1600, hmmm a little too steep, but i have been informed by forum members at narromine that a nice timber sweetapple prop from a sapphire would suit my aircraft perfectly, and at a very good cost as well!


but sadly Richard Sweetapple wasnt at narromine, or were any other prop manufacturers, so i was unable to get contact details to order a new prop...


so does anyone know of the contact details for Mr Sweetapple?


Thanks in Advance...





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Hello Rob


I don't think Richard Sweetapple has a website but this contact info was given to me:


Sweetapple R M


  • Sweetapple 56 Howlett Rd Capalaba 4157
  • (07) 3245 2579
  • Sweetapple Mobile Service
  • 0427 002 043







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Thank you for that, I have called Richard, and he has started work on my new Prop! and he is interested to see how it performs on the vampire, as this will be the only vampire flying with one of his props!


cant wait for it to arrive!! YAY!



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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi Ultrelights,


A while back I offered a pusher prop as follows,


Bolly 3 blade


Total 2 hrs flown...as new


62 x 52 RH 60" suit 2.62 gear box


Cost $1600 sell best offer over $1000


I purchased and installed this two days before I sold my certified drifter...it is a beautifully smooth prop however the buyer wanted the oroignal (certified) prop. reinstalled for training purposes.


Cheers JL



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i was hopeing to spend up to about $700 on the prop, but i need a 50 Inch Prop. its diameter is limited by the tail booms.


MR Sweetapple is doing the prop for $420! for that price i will order a spare if it performs well.



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