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Narromine 2007 flyin

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This is my first entry to this site. Got back home from Narromine late Sunday. what a great flyin, best so far and I have been to the last 9, more planes than ever before, and great weather, made a lot of new friends and was introduced to Ian and other forum members at the Recreation Flying tent, pity it was not allowed in a more prominent position, but thats RAA for you (stifle the opposition).


Glad to be a new member


Just Fred ;)



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Guest Fred Bear

G'day Uncle Fred and welcome to the forums mate! :) We told you you would find them useful. Now you can share some of your knowledge with us here.It was a blast the weekend hey? I had a great time too and thanks for taking all my gear in your car once again.Looking forward to some more of your posts.



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