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Tony Witlox

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Guest Fred Bear

Having happened only at the weekend I dare say it will be at least a week the time frame so probably early next week is usually how it goes.



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Tony Witlox - the irrepressible!


What a loss to Recreational Aviation.


We flew together in Sapphires half way around Australia. Because of limited range we had to land at many small town fields and walk into town with a 20 litre wine bladder. We would fill the bladder out of sight of the garage attendant, then he would delight in saying "too late, they're filled, now how about a lift out to the airfield?"









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Guest brentc

That's the cheeky Tony that I knew.


I recall Tony had a unique spoiler system on his Sapphire to slow it down and get it landing much shorter. I'm pretty sure it was Tony's. Either was it was a clever set-up.



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Guest Jokerman

I never met Tony but talked with him several times on the phone and despite not knowing of me gave great assistance and information.


I'll miss him.


At least I'm comforted to know he is flying his Sapphire in and out of long fluffy white landing strips now.


Does anyone know the details of the accident as I've heard a few rumours and I don't want to rely on them.





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