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  1. What's the problem - just get a boat ride over to Xmas Island. Plenty of people have done this before.
  2. Hi, I'm on a constant search for a Sapphire MkII and was wondering if you had any information or leads so that I might acquire one. I'm new to this forum, and see that you list a friend in 2007. I'm very sorry to hear that. Do you still fly or have a Sapphire? Thank you, Jon
    1. Jon Lamont

      Jon Lamont

      "... lost a friend", not list a friend.
  3. People will make off topic posts in the threads anyway. Novel solution - Just like on the bottom right of any post you have buttons for "like, agree, funny"...etc you could have a "Off Topic" button that anyone reading the thread can press. After x presses the post can be shrunk to a single line saying "off topic". The post appears in full only if clicked on. Come to think of it, you could also have a "Moderator please", "I'm offended", "ratbag poster", or a "put in jail" button as well. Surely this process would lighten the load of the moderator, maybe making the threads self mod
  4. I have seen a similar picture - it was on the front page of NT news back in the 70's. It showed a picture of the passengers on the rope starting the engine of a Maparta DC3 in Indonesia. The article said that it is common to start the engine this way using a jeep, but in this case the agent had already left the airfield.
  5. Since I have to log in separately it makes no difference to me. However, you never know what's around the corner. If for some reason you needed to pass the site, or Clear Prop, onto some other entity, it might be an encumberance if they were combined. Jack.
  6. Saw this on DIYDrones. http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/uav-the-hard-way Jack.
  7. A few years ago I flew up the Stuart Highway and looked out for the underground pipeline marked on the WAC chart!
  8. I was told Boonah had similar problems, particularly with new houses in line with the airfield. The complaints to council stopped when the council threatened to rezone the suburb as a high noise area.
  9. Hi Ian, Close enough so they can keep an eye on you, eh? Now surely they will have power in the RAAus tent - and the lead must go right by yours. Will the tent be the same size as the one you had last year?
  10. Crikey, looks like I have to learn type faster. OK, Kaz, I feel we are going in different directions here. I’ve read this list of deficiencies a number of times in this thread. I don’t mean to downplay the seriousness of them. But apart from readers of this forum, who amongst the general membership knows? Lets say you are successful in wading in there and sacking half the board, what then? The membership will have to elect a new set of board members. On what basis does the membership elect their next representatives? You wrote “Many of us here are in strong disagreemen
  11. Andy, I am not advocating that we sit back and wait for the normal democratic process to take effect. It won’t of its own accord. It has to be driven. Any management group that has been around for a long time develops cliques and power cells centered around the executive. Beneficial if they are good managers, poisonous if not. You only need one or two alpha characters to set the style of management in the executive, and then the executive maintains the same style of management with the board. If you wade in abusing all and sundry, they will all feel hurt, wrongly accused, and under att
  12. Err no, I did not volunteer my services because my name is on the list of members demanding a general meeting. If this was discovered while I was working in the office as a volunteer I’d be too much like the cat that ate the canary. I learned from a friend , who is a volunteer, that Middo is in there (during the new year), full time, doing just grunt paperwork along with the other staff members.
  13. Who says there was no one in the office between xmas and new year? I went in there to ask about my renewal, and the office was open and running. Yes, I got the political answer as to a possible short delay due to ….etc ..as she had been told to say, and there was nothing to be gained by carrying on. I am not agreement with the confrontational and disrespectful attitude being displayed by some posters in this thread. Some of the board members have been with us a long time, on a voluntary basis, and have in the past fought many battles to bring us to the amazing level we are at today.
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