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  1. Are you looking for some ideas on where to go on your next trip? Check out my blog at My Flycation Filled with many destinations and lots of useful tips, with more to follow. For your enjoyment
  2. I thought some of you might be interested in my blog. It talks about all the destinations that we have flown to and give some great advise on what to do when you get there. All from the perspective of the 'right-seat flier'. Enjoy My Flycation
  3. Ah, you have opened a can of worms here!!! My husband is both a instrument rated pilot and a drone pilot (UOC licensed). CASA is about to bring in some new laws for drones in Australia which will not only endanger pilots, but the general public as well. Check out his video, it explains it really well.
  4. You know hairdressers make the best wives! It's a shame your wife is not too keen to fly. When Randy bought his plane I too was a little hesitant, and the comments from my friends did little to calm my nerves as most of them said that they would not go up in a small plane! Tell her not to listen to them. The first thing Randy did to calm me was to buy a cirrus. That parachute has given me an enormous sense of comfort, and I have done the partner in command course in case he becomes incapacitated, so I can pull the chute! But also consider that she may want to remain blissfully unaware, and tha
  5. Ha ha yes we all know how superb Victorian wines are! I've sampled a few in my time.
  6. You must go to Mudgee and stay at the Hangar House. http://hangarhouse.com.au Once you land taxi to the house, park your plane in the hangar and your accommodation is right there. Alex and Heath are the perfect hosts and aviation enthusiasts. They lent us their car for the weekend. This place is heaven. The wineries are superb and you don't have to drive miles to get to them. It's the perfect destination for pilots. Check out my blog for more ideas on where to go http://myflycation.com
  7. Yes I too found that to be the case which is what inspired me to start the blog. Thanks!
  8. Check out our latest trip to the Gold Coast. http://myflycation.com More information to follow and so many more trips to talk about. Enjoy!
  9. Too funny. It might be a little hard to fly a Cirrus under this bridge, however the drone fit quite nicely. The video is a combination of drone footage, stills and go pro footage form a wing mount.
  10. Can't go past a GoPro. All our footage is filmed on ours And my husbands kick ass Inspire 1 drone Too much fun!
  11. Very interesting. It's nice to see some common sense prevailing and a little bit of 'moving with the times' and technology. Is there any hope it will happen here??!!
  12. You can't go past the Go Pro attached to underside of the wing with the 3M mount. We have taken umpteen flights and it is rock solid. You have total control by bluetooth from inside the cockpit. Here is one of the many videos we have taken. Just remember to remove the camera after tie down....something we kept forgetting!
  13. Thanks so much. Keep viewing for more adventures.
  14. Thanks so much. Keep viewing. I have many more flying stories to tell.
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