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  1. The drag generated by the control surface deflection will tend to have a restorative influence on the diversive force generated by the lift element. Take for example a rudder deflection. As detailed above in Jabiru7252's post, deflection of the rudder generates a lateral component (lift) and a rearward component (drag), although he only shows the resultant combined vector in his diagram. The lateral force will cause the plane to yaw (which is the desired effect). The rearward drag force will act about the centre of drag (roughly on the centreline), but being displaced progress
  2. The trouble with using digital bathroom scales is that they only display for a short period (30 secs?) then revert to zero. Not enough time to read all three. So when I weighed my MiniMax, I bought 3 old digital scales from the tip shop - $2 or $3 each. I calibrated them with my own weight, which was about the same value as 1/3 the weight of the Max. Then I set everything up and recorded each reading at my leisure. I suppose if the microlight you're weighing is 6-700 kg you could use 6 scales, with a plank across each pair. But it wouldn't be a microlight. . . Bruce
  3. I am unclear as to what is allowed under Stage 3 restrictions in regional Victoria. Numerous government & quasi authoritative websites list ad nauseam the infamous 4 reasons to leave home. These include shopping for food & essential items. Elsewhere, often on the same site, it is stated retail shops may remain open subject to the 4sq.m density rule. What is sold by these retailers is not specified. So if any retailer is allowed to open, by extension, one is allowed to shop there. Whether for essential or non-essential items. And where is the definition of essential? What one dee
  4. I was musing over my lifestyle recently. Although I'm over 70, I still run with the dog for 5 km every morning. After a cold shower and a breakfast of muesli and fruit tea, I cook 20 meals for the homeless and deliver them to the hostel. Then I work out in the gym for an hour or two. Alternate days I am rebuilding a 1939 Morgan trike, or restoring a 1944 J3 Cub. Then it's flying most evenings at sunset, coming home to work on my Phd on philosophy. Then I retire to bed with my young wife, where we make passionate love, often several times. It is usually about this point that I wake up,
  5. I'm guessing Bex is not a taildragger pilot, otherwise he would understand the appeal of a conventional undercarriage.
  6. Thanks. CASA approved hot glue, I take it.
  7. Great, thanks. Last question - what glue are you using?
  8. Looks fun. Where did you get the templates to download? Keep posting your progress! Bruce
  9. Very interesting video. Main thing I took from it was the very small vortices from the owl in glide mode - incredibly efficient. Presumably that's why their flight is so quiet. As an aside, I've often wondered why birds don't have any trace of a vertical tail surface. Fitting a fin to early flying machines was a stroke of genius by whoever first did it.
  10. I was washing my Minimax yesterday when Machtuk came over to chat. He then wheeled out his immaculate RV8, and invited me for a trip. We had a great flight, out to Hanging Rock. We flew over my son's place, & were duly spotted by my wife. It is a great aeroplane: very light on the controls (yes, I had a stick-waggle & loved it!); great visibility; superfast & flickable. Thoroughly enjoyed it!! So thankyou very much Machtuk - made my day. Bruce
  11. Help! I'm trying to post on the Classified, and I'm not allowed to attach photos. File size 453 kb. Logged in. Message says "you do not have permission to perform this action" How can I post one (or more?) photos on my ad?
  12. Ian, a crie de couer: Please can you instigate/resuscitate/reanimate the Classifieds section? I know it was small, but thetre really isn't another Recreational Aircraft sales site for the lower end of the market anywhere else. Good luck with your improved site. Bruce
  13. Sorry, can't see how to delete this post
  14. Let me parade my ignorance and ask a basic question. Several posts earlier concerned the direction of circuits, with some pilots apparently flying it the wrong way. In UK, the circuit direction is indicated by a Tee board. This is usually situated near the windsock, and is a large board lying flat with a big white letter T on it. This is oriented such that the ('upright') leg of the Tee aligns with the runway in use. Approach & takeoff is along the upright towards the crossbar. In this way, when the recommended overhead join is made, joining pilots can see the wind direction, runway
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