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  1. w3stie

    Why I don't fly now

    Sorry to hear about this. Time and money were the reasons I stopped flying - you know, got my licence in my early thirties but a young growing family and career pushed the flying out of the picture. Now the kids are grown I've been thinking about getting back to sport aviation and maybe getting my RAA licence. When I read stories like yours it makes me think I should act before its too late for me. But I now have full time caring responsibilities fro my wife, who has MS, so money is once again a problem. Maybe we both need to look into computer flying as an alternative?
  2. Welcome, i live under the circuit for Archerfield, so I’ll keep an eye out for you ;)
  3. Getting back to this, I can see it becoming more common in motorsport, like the Mercedes AVTR concept, and then maybe military aircraft.
  4. Interesting idea. I recently saw this Mercedes AVTR concept car that uses individual aero surfaces controlled by computer.
  5. There's an australian author, queenslander I think, I'm trying to remember his name. He was writing in the eighties and nineties, a lot of historical stuff. Can anyone give me a hint?
  6. Hi Clive and welcome to warm and wet Brisbane! You could give Mahl a call at Fly Now Redcliffe, if you're looking for a TIF or further training. https://www.fly-now-redcliffe.com
  7. Thanks Bex. Another engine to keep in mind.
  8. The kit is about $16k USD. I started with the tail kit which was about $2k USD, or about $4k AUD delivered.
  9. At this stage I haven't decided. There are several options including Corvair, UL Power, Jabiru and Lycoming. A Jabiru 3300 has been used by several builders and has some advantages. A Lycoming would be nice if I could find a good example for the right $$. I was just talking to a builder who used an LS1 conversion, which has got me thinking ... :)
  10. A truck pulled up today and unloaded two boxes with aircraft bits, so I guess the dream has become reality!
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