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Weekend flight to Warwick

Old Koreelah

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I flew to YWCK last Saturday for a family gathering and some nice people gave me overnight use of their hangar. What a buzz to get such support from total strangers- as long as we fly little aeroplanes we look after each other!


Had a great trip up on Saturday in good weather, but had to leave early yesterday (Sunday) to beat forecast severe turbulence. Descended south of Lake Keepit through bumpy stuff, then turned SE over Breeza. Ground speed was thirty knots faster than airspeed, with the wind straight down the strip at YQDI, where I did a perfect greaser of a touchdown with only a few metres of ground roll. As per the proverb, there was no bugger there to admire my landing, unlike at YWCK on Saturday morning, when I came in fast with a cross wind and bounced badly right in front a bunch of sailplanes queueing for launch. Such is flying.



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