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Jindabyne Aero Club's first ever End of Summer Ball, "Reach for the Stars"

David Isaac

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For those interested:


From: Michael Fischer <[email protected]>


To: Michael Fischer <[email protected]>


Sent: Wednesday, 7 December 2011 10:49 PM


Subject: Aero Club - Reach for the Stars Ball - Tickets on sale!


Hi All,



Tickets for the Jindabyne Aero Club's first ever End of Summer Ball, "Reach for the Stars" are now on sale.



All details for this event can be found on the Aero Club website : http://www.jindabyneaeroclub.org.au/reach4starsball.html



The aim of the Ball is to raise much needed funds for the construction of our new club house ... we are just never going to get there selling snags at our regular BBQS!



There are 200 tickets for sale and we are confident that the event will be a sell-out! Whole tables of 13 can booked in advance.



The Organising Committee has been working hard behind the scenes to get this important event off the ground (pardon the pun) but on the actual day, (25 February) we are going to need as many volunteers as possible for few hours (10 am - 4 pm) to help get the Memorial Hall set up.



Please contact Louise Young on ph 6456 2237 & 0410 196 201 if you are able to help.



This is a very important event for the Aero Club. We look forward to your support!










PS Tickets from Louise - 6456 2237 Paul - 0448 473 366 Peter - 6456 7329



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