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Day trip YHOX to YCNK with marginal weather


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Hired a Jabiru for a day trip to Cessnock from Hoxton park, to pick up my partner, and get some aeial shots of our new property.


Weather forcast was for developing showers at approx 5 pm, plenty of time as i was departing mid morning. as you can see, the weather built up quite rapidly! and made for an interesting return trip. fortunatly there are plenty of diversion options, Cooranbong, Warnervale and bankstown. fortuntaly even though the weather built up rapidly, the winds were still calm and the air was very smooth! i made it back to YHOX with a good hr to spare before the storm proper hit...


1st , Lining up at YHOX Runway 16




2nd Parramatta CBD, southern entry to the LOE




3rd Northern exit to LOE, west of patonga.




4th tracking direct to cessnock




5th top of descent into the Hunter valley, 10miles to cessnock




6th On the ground at Cessnock awaiting my partner to arrive.




7th Our property....




8th Top of climb on return trip to YHOX tracking towards warnervale for possible diversion due to weather.




9th Abeam Warnervale, weather report from Bankstown was Good. Now under SVFR conditions.




10th Watching the cloud grow before my eyes, yet no turbulence!!!




11th cruising..



























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