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Estimating prop health


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The literature that comes with my Kievprop advises a service life of 4 years. Communication with the factory suggests usage beyond 4 years "on condition".


I'd be interested in any indicators of prop health for composite props.


How does one estimate the condition of a prop other than the incidence of surface/leading edge nicks and chips?





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Depending on the actual hub design, you may find they mean for you to totally dissassemble the prop every 4 years.


This would be to inspect the assembly bolts, the hub itself for cracks/stretching/wear etc, and mainly the roots of the blades for any signs of fatigue.


Obviously any signs of damage on the major blade surface is also reason for a close inspection.


One would assume there should be a maintainance manual with the prop (if new), or maybe you could download the releavant info from the net...





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Guest brentc

When an enigne is 'on condition,' you would normally perform a compression check every 100 hours and compare performance to the last taken, plus record static rpm and any other prudent information.


I'd say if a prop was 'on condition' that a 100 hour service interval would be appropriate.


Remember, in engine terms an 'on condition' engine is one that is ready for a rebuild or replacement and considered past it's service life for passenger paying charter operations, but still valid for private ops.



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