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Sydney Victor 1 flight.


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i have been waiting to do this thread for a while now.


the Trip, Sydney Victor 1. from all they way up the top around palm beach to Wollongong and return to YHOX. this trip was a bit more exiting than the usual victor run, passing Maroubra, i was called up by Sydney Tower via other traffic on the victor 1 freq. and asked to contact Syd Tower , this was at the same time as ensuring seperation from northbound traffic, so it was a juggle between Sydney Tower freq and the victor 1... anyway, i was asked by Syd twr my current location and altitude... to which i replied, Jabiru XXX Abeam Cape Solonder at 500Ft.. Syd Twr replied, we have you on radar at 1500 Ft and in direct conflict with a QF B737 (the 737 was on short final for Runway 34R, the third runway at YSSY) i was watching the 737 on final, a few 1,000 ft above and would pass directly overhead. Twr asked to Squawk Ident..


Twr then responded we have you visual and confirmed at 500. and i was advised to turn off transponder and seek urgent maintainence...


The B737 passed directly overhead, it was a great sight, but i could imagine the transponder put me at his same altitude and location on the radar screen at YSSY..... and spent the rest of the flight wondering if CASA would be awaiting me at YHOX to explain a TCAS resolution alert.


anyway back to the important stuff. the Pics...


Pic 1 -Our Bird for todays adventure.




Pic 2 -Me and my PAX




Pic 3 -Preflight




Pic 4 -Past Prospect and tracking for the LOE (Lane of Entry)




Pic 5 -Just North of Parramatta in the LOE




Pic 7 -Tracking towards Newport and Palm beach




Pic 8 -Descending turn to 500 ft around the headland at Palm beach




Pic 9 -Palm Beach




Pic 10 -Approaching Newport beach




Pic 11 -South of Manly

























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Guest Guest

Nice! Sorry if I missed it but how long would a typical flight like this take?


Life Jacket - Safety precaution :) ?



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i usually do a longer victor 1, starting at Palm beach and plan for 2 hrs. from Hoxton park, you can do a shorter one from Long reef, and that usually takes about 1.5 hrs. i prefer to go Southbound as it puts you that much closer to shore should something go wrong, and gives Paxs the better view. the Life jacket is mandatory for flights over water if your more than gliding distance from shore (or a set distance) its in the ERSA and otehr docs, and at a few points you are not permitted to follow the coast (mainly past Bondi) and have to stay a few miles off shore



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i dont own the said aircrat, the fault was quickly identified, the aircraft had just returned from a repaint, and the painter removed the transponder antenna, and masked over the hole, after it was repainted, a piece of masking tape was remaining in the threaded hole of the antenna, once this was removed, the transponder worked perfectly.


CASA was contacted and didnt want to do anything about it as the TCAS wasnt alerted, aparently below a certain altitude, in close proximity to other aircraft near an aerodrome, the TCAS system shuts off, so no alert was issued. not only that, tower had us visual and we were where we should have been. and not in CTA



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Ironically, if you did not have a transponder it wouldn't have mattered - but if you do have a transponder fitted it should be squawking. If you suspect it is out of tolerance you can always select Mode A only (usually marked as 'ON') - if you get queried by ATC you can advise it is out of tolerance and advise your actual altitude. On a TCAS display you will be shown without a relative altitude and may cause some concern for the other aircraft, but will not generate a resolution alert.


This is a common occurence in the Brisbane area. A lot of the time I think it is a lack of education about the diffence between the various Transponder Settings:




In normal circumstances ALT (Mode C) should be selected in flight, not ON.


(But don't expect an ATC clearance without Mode C, unless you are a one off flight inbound for Transponder Maintenance.)



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