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Microlight flight school close to Canberra?

Guest Aza

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Hey all,


Does anyone know of the closest microlight (trike) school to Canberra:;)5:


I've been surfing the web for the last couple of days and the closest I've found is Either Tumut or Sydney...


Any help would be appreciated.







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Tumut it is I'm afraid.


Many Canberrans go there to learn though. Quite doable.


Peter Wilson is a very skilled instructor.


There's a guy from Chicago who spends 4 months every year there just to fly his trike. It's a great trike spot. Very mellow wind patterns, great scenery.





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Bummer, might be something we Canberrans could look into.... Anyone feel like starting up a flight school in Canberra??


Looks like I'll be getting to know Tumut then!


Once I have my licence, do you know anywhere in Canberra or surrounds to fly from?



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Guest Trent

Hey Aza,


I'm in Canberra, Tumut is where most of us go. I've known Pete for ages through hang gliding but have only recently been signed off in the trike. Head over there - you'll love it.


Only catch though, Pete is away at the moment in China then USA doing some work for Airborne. He will be back in a week or so, give him a call then.


As it turns out, I'm am off to Tumut tonight to have a boat around over the weekend.


School wise, there is quite a decent trike crowd in Canberra though airspace tends to limit activities in the immediate vicinity. Tumut, you will find, is not that far to travel.


Accommodation wise, ask Pete - he has a great setup at the hanger.


See you there some time.







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Also, Peter can put you in touch with the Canberra crowd. A lot fly out Uriarra way.


I thought Tumut was a tad far too, so I gave up on trikes and started in a Jabiru out of Cooma. Now I fly Peter's Jabiru out of Tumut just as often.


The trip is easy. I often go straight there over the mountains 'coz my Territory eats up the rough stuff, but I gave a roo a love pat on the way to Narromine (via Tumut to get the Jab obviously). Not a lot of damage. Inevitable really, but he slid over then got up the wrong way. He wouldn't have been hit if he had as much grip as me.


As Trent said, Peter is away for another week and a bit, so give him a call then. If you can spare whole weekends and stay over, you'll be solo in no time.





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Cheers Trent & Ross.


I'll get in contact with Peter once he gets back. What's tavel time like from Canberra to Tumut? (I'm a northsider)


Thanks again.





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No worries Aza.


There are three options to get to Tumut.


The Hume through Yass, the Wee Jasper road, and Piccadilly Circus through the Brindabellas.


The Hume takes is about 190km taking 2 hours and is mostly 4 lane freeway.


The Wee Jasper route is largely bitumen with some windy dirt and probably takes nearly 2 hours too (Can't remember - went to Melbourne that way last year for fun).


The Brindabella way is about 140km, with 50km of very rough and windy dirt. I've done it in 1.5 hours from Civic to Tumut, but I can't see that time being beaten too often.


So easy option - Hume Highway allowing 2 hours.





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