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Radio transmissions and intercom


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I would just like to confirm the operation of my audio panel with fellow owners.


I have a P92JS. In order to communicate with the passenger headset, the audio panel needs to be set to “INT†during which audio transmissions from COM1 can be heard as well simultaneously.



The issue comes when I need to transmit to COM1, I must select COM1 on the audio panel whilst depressing the transmit button in order for the transmission to be broadcast.



This is a regular pain, as I often forget to switch between INT and COM1, and it is also not how I have seen the same identical panel work on other aircraft. On these aircraft, selecting COM1 also allows the intercom to operate at the same time, and just switches the broadcast out to the radio when the transmit button is pressed.



I’d appreciate knowing how others with Tecnam have their panels wired, and if mine is wrong how to correct it. Many thanks in advance ;-)



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