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Headaches with Fuel systems

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I pulled one of the fuel systems of my tornado's apart to have a look @ why it was making my engine run funny. It would start and then stop after about 6 minutes.


The first thing I found was original dongle filter that dropped into the tank attached to the end of the fuel line was clogged. The dongle doesn't seem like a bad idea but a 2nd paper fuel filter was located further upstream on the fuel line. What looks like was happening was the crud was bypassing the first filter and getting trapped in the 2nd but was working its way down the fuel hose when the engine was turned off.




One owner/mechanic decided that the drain would also work for the fuel supply. So they cut the dongle off and routed the sump into the fuel system when they added an electric fuel pump.The also managed to bypass the water drain valve!


The sump has a right angle valve but without the sieve! That right angle is just the perfect place for gunk to settle. Again the 2nd filter was placed before the pump and the gunk was working its way back down the fuel lines.




2 match head full of gunk had managed to clog the fuel system. I was surprised how little dirt it takes to shutdown the engine.



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Today I decided to wash out the lump of stuff in my tank.




still need to work out what this is and how to remove it from the tank. its some sort of flower and its almost impervious to fuel




looking forward to moving on from this...



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done! photo is a bit blurry due to lack of light. last part turned out to be part of the fuel gauge gasket. made a prong out of the hinge wire I had floating around the shed


now to put it back together.





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