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Natfly 2012


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After reading the posts re Natfly 2012 thought I should add my little bit !


I too was disappointed with the lack of 95.10 aircraft and think it may have something to do with the Re-Creating of GA and its costs and regulations that go with it and are unnecessary for our type of true ultralight flying.


I do hope the GA trophy was spelt correctly as the trophy I received for the 95.10 Ultralight was not !! ' ULTALIGHT ' ?!


Seeing the Board has decided on Temora Natfly for the next three years they must organize and condense the area so that people can walk around and see all the aircraft and trade display without wearing out knees, shoe leather or relying on erratic transport.



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I too went to Natfly this year and although I know that my Drifter is not a true 95.10 machine it was 1 of about 5 Rag n Tube machines that were there.


I also didn't attend the Dinner night and as a result I have know idea who won which award. I have tried looking at various places on this forum and a few emails and I still do not know. Last year the results were not even published in the magazine. Are they going to omit them again this year now that people are complaining that VH registered machines have won some catergories.


If anyone has the results could they please publish them.



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