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Aeroshute this morning

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Got out of bed early this morning to go and see what was happening at the Freemans Reach Aeroshute field. Got there to find the wind up already at 08:00 (not good for aeroshutes) Had a chat to a few mates and took a few pics. Also bumped in to Darren from this forum who i know from a few other forums, so that was a suprise. Local heli operator Norm also flew in with his R22. Good morning toped of by Breakfast in Windsor.




Aero Shute Instructor Allan (Skip) going for a ride without a chute!!







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Guest Fred Bear

Nice pics Kev. Now now Arthur, don't be like that. An impact with the ground at 5km/h does not hurt that much! I still did not say I wanted my endorsement on the Aerochute but they are fun to fly in/on :)



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Aerochute !!!


Absolute ton of fun


bit like a jet ski in three dimensions


I miss mine


but do enjoy flying a plane that Susan also enjoys


and that is not fussed with reasonable winds


and that will actually go places.





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