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Airborne again......

Guest gregw

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Guest gregw

I've recently taken to the skies again after a long break.


I flew hang gliders for 17 years (1,000 hours +) and gave it up so I could spend more time with my children. Now that they're teenagers and less inclined to hang out with Dad, I've answered the call of the skies and taken up gliding.


Although I still have my L plates on (not solo yet), I've really been enjoying flying again. Thermalling is still exhilerating and once again I'm admiring our beautiful country from above.


I can't pack a sailplane up and throw it on the roof of my car but boy, do they go! One of my fellow students describes gliders as the supermodels of avaition. Thier sleek lines are easy to admire.


Anyway, it's good to be flying again after too many years looking up at the Cu's.



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Welcome Greg.. You will find a lot of 'friends' and useful info on this forum - irrespective of what u fly..


I have similar background to you (700+ hrs hang gliding) and 70 hours in GA, and nano trike, and now ultralight trike.... I'm also planning to refresh my 3-axis experience via the RAA route..


Stay in touch...







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Guest gregw





Thanks for the reply.


A "700m private strip on farm near Bathurst" is something I should take note of. Sailplanes cover a lot more ground than hang gliders but they also need a lot more room to land. I'll get teh co-ordinates for that strip when I look like getting near Bathurst.







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