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A visit to Morgan Aero


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I had to go to Sydney for a wedding & talked my dear wife into visiting the Morgan factory, I was impressed with the way that Garry showed me as much as he could & explained all about his planes & kits. I think the kits look simple enough to build so I should start saving.


Thanks Garry for the tour





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Guest Maj Millard

I hung around the Morgan tent at Natfly for a bit, they had a good selection of their range on show. Garry was busy fitting a new prop to an aircraft so I didn't bother him. Did however have a great chat to his son that flys the 'Twister,' and was most impressed with his style and nice aircraft...........................................................Maj...012_thumb_up.gif.cb3bc51429685855e5e23c55d661406e.gif



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Ha! I'm hoping the exact same thing. I should be in Sydney in winter 2016 for a family wedding and also plan to make the trip up to Taree, wife in tow!


I've got a bunch of information, but I really want to fly in one. I've looked at, and flown, a Zenith CH601 (though not the 650) and the Vans RV-12 (lovely a/c).


But now I've 'found' the Sierra and want to know more.



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