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  1. I think we're all waiting for those updated pictures you mentioned 'next week' back in June Graham... :)
  2. Nice. I still haven't ruled in or out the Morgan. It's neck and neck with the RV-12 for a future build though; once I've had stick time, that is, to confirm I actually like/want/need the flying qualities. I'm also considering 'upgrading' my NZ M/L license to an RPL and going down the RV-7 path; I like the idea of a higher cruise speed to I can 'go places'. In any case, looking forward to seeing your first flight and subsequent 'flying reports' in here. Cheers
  3. I'm also looking at building one of these in future. Or an RV-12. Keeping an eye on this discussion...
  4. Just happened on this thread again and wondered whether there was some more Rotax experience out there by now? There seems to be a growing anti-Jabiru sentiment here in NZ of late, and conversely a seemly equivalently strong pro-Rotax feeling, especially now that have that new 912iS version. Finally got my microlight license and am now doing some transition training from the 'real' microlights (X-Air / Bantam B22) into a Zenith CH601 at a local club (yeah, I know, but it is available and cheap...-ish to fly). Still have the Sierra in mind for a future build, or the Vans RV-12, which f
  5. Thanks Ross, useful information. I know this is an old thread, about a slightly older model, but I'm looking at the Sierra 100 as a 'contender' for a future build. Thank you for posting your experiences.
  6. It *might* be the one I recently have been enquiring about. Or might not, since that was a Cheetah, but aren't they basically the same? I was told yesterday in email, the following: "My Cheetah was fitted with a Rotax 912 and a 0-120 kt airspeed indicator. I was amazed to find that it actually did 120 in the cruise at full rpm. I had to buy and fit a 0-140 kts airspeed indicator. With the wheel spats fitted it would cruise at 110 kts on 5,000rpm using less than 15lts/hr, one up and 90lts fuel. I stalled it at 35kts and it didn't seem to have any nasty tricks. With magnificent visibility t
  7. This is interesting. I wonder if sourcing some materials, especially the big Al sheets, locally would be cheaper than having Garry freight them over. If I go with the Sierra, I'll have to look into this possibility. Hmmm...
  8. Someone once told me (and bear in mind I am not an Aussie, nor do I live there) that CASA stood for "Cnts against Sensible Aviation"! :) No idea if true, but it was funny. We're not so bad here in NZ, but the CAA / Airways still make GA harder and more expensive than it needs to be :(
  9. Ha! I'm hoping the exact same thing. I should be in Sydney in winter 2016 for a family wedding and also plan to make the trip up to Taree, wife in tow! I've got a bunch of information, but I really want to fly in one. I've looked at, and flown, a Zenith CH601 (though not the 650) and the Vans RV-12 (lovely a/c). But now I've 'found' the Sierra and want to know more.
  10. ...and since your email (thanks for that) and as mentioned above, the possibility of pre-built spars, that might make life even easier. Good to know. I have most hand tools, apart from a hand rivet squeezer and maybe a couple of others; I don't have any air tools, but I do have a compressor remaining from my previous build. I buy tools from time to time when I see them; by the time I start a new build I should have the tools sorted. After the RV-8 build I did, I know which tools I used and were worth the money, and which I did not and were a complete waste: see ... "silver lining"! :-) Than
  11. This is a great thread! Thank you. On the Sierra, how much solid riveting and in which areas, and same question for pulled / blind rivets. I've built an RV-8 airframe (long story, see welcome post earlier today) so I am no stranger to riveting but that was in many places definitely a two-person job without doubt. What about the Sierra? One person build capable? (obviously almost anything is easier and faster with two, I suspect this is no different, but I may not always have capable help). I'm at the 'research' stage and starting to collect (re-collect) tools and prepare the worksh
  12. Thanks, found that already and been trawling through. I did contact Morgan a while back and they sent some pics and info. I've emailed them again asking for a bit more info. I'm specifically looking to compare against the CH650 and RV-12 now, but it is certainly looking promising. Cheers -- Jeff
  13. Hi Guys, Doing some research on the Morgan Aeroworks Sierra and stumbled across here. If anyone has pointers to reviews, flight reports and builders logs it would save me some searching. A bit of history; Been trying to get a license for 20+ years and finally got a M/L license here in NZ a few weeks ago. Started an RV-8 build some years ago but it got sold after just about completing the airframe due to marital separation (search for "jpreou" on the Kitlog Pro website to see it). Looking to start a build again (unaccomplished goal, and all that). Have been looking at the Vans RV
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