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  1. Hi Aplund, I was sitting next to you and yes I too enjoyed the night. Well worth meeting the people behind the radio.
  2. Thanks Rob, I am used of flying into Archerfield and Bankstown with set points. Did you have your Transponder on 3000 when you called inbound?
  3. Where did you call inbound and at what altitude. I will stay under Class C.
  4. From the South - Port Alma or Mount Morgan I'm guessing.
  5. Good Stuff, I am headed up there in the next couple of weeks, where did you call inbound?
  6. Hi Rob, how did you go with this. What did you end up doing?
  7. I'll second this, has his own strip with little traffic. I did a GA conversion there a couple of years ago and still go out there now to hire and say hi. David
  8. Gee David that has come up real well... you have done a great job. I would be very interested to be kept up to day on the test flying mate!
  9. Yes better climb performance but have you noticed the drag on final - very high.
  10. Hi Nightmare, I fly out of YBCM. I usually hire the "Green" one. I might see you out there one day! I have a couple of go pros, they are great to review your flight.
  11. That looks fantastic, well done. You are in a beautiful part of the world to fly this around, I believe you are near Forster? I used to go there on holidays as a kid. Can't wait to hear how the first flight goes.
  12. Gathering of Eagles Mark. http://www.wattsbridge.com.au/welcome.php
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