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Hey Guys,


My mate has his Raa Certificate, Cross Country and Passenger Endorsement.


He has around 50 Raa hours duel and solo, he is looking to further his training


So he is able to fly into controlled airspace and carry 3 pax and fly at night so he will need his PPL, what is needed to go Raa to GA? I looked but I am unsure and could not find much? i emailed many flight schools but have not recived a reply.







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RAA to GA.


Start by getting the best recommended reference theory books and make sure that this side of it doesn't hold him up. I can't imagine the flying will be a problem, as generally the smaller aircraft demand more exacting skills to fly than some of the larger ones. A lot depends on how good his previous training has been. and credit is given for some of his U/L experience.(just exactly how much I don't know).


If the new school is GA only , they may try to make a point of not really accepting the equivalence of his previous experience. Where the school has both , they may not display this bias. ( I'm generalising) N....



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Once the decision to do the PPL is made, before getting too excited about heading back to school, one needs to get a few formalities out of the way, and these take some time.


1. Apply for an ASIC.


2. Apply for an AVID and Student PPL.


3. Complete and submit medical for certification (needed before Student PPL will be issued).


As someone else has suggested, get back into the books and learn the theory so it can be quoted back to front (normal way round is good too). You will have to do, at least, a GA BAK exam and of course the PPL exam.


Depending on the school, the number of solo hours and XC nav flight the applicant has can go a long way to abbreviating the PPL training, and cost.


Have a talk with the team at Air Shepparton, they were very helpful for me recently.





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