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Prop repairs


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interested to know who's having great success using ???? product, to fix prop damages from them pesky stones etc etc





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I just use cynoacrylate ( you probably know this as super glue ). Make sure you use a good quality product, not just some rubbish from your hardware or $2 shop. Loctite make this in an industrial quality.


Myself I use "Zap" which is sold through hobby shops for aeromodellers. Again be careful as many of the modelling brands are also pretty ordinary. It is available in different viscosities.


I start with the thin which is similar to water in viscosity and will wick into the grain of the timber or cloth that is the structure of the prop. Exercise care with this step as the thin glue will run everywhere & quickly if given the chance. Apply this very sparingly.


I then use the "thick" or gap filling viscosity to actually fill the chip. Be patient as on a sealed surface it will take some time to dry. Or you can use an accelerator or kicker that is made specifically to go with the cynoacrylate. This is sprayed on to the glue and will set it instantly. All that is needed is a very fine mist. Overdo the kicker and you will fry the glue - it will bubble up and turn white.


Do a few practise runs on a piece of plastic ( eg an ice cream container or lid ) to get a feel of how easy the thin will run and how much kicker to spray.


I tend to use the thick to overfill the chip then use a small ( jewellers ) file to carefully cut it back to the original profile.


I would also recommend blade tape to help prevent chipping in the first place. Only use tape specifically made for this job, available from aviation supply shops.


Hope this helps.





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