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J160 rudder pedal (bar) height


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My wife is having problems with the rudder pedals being too high for comfort in a J160C. Obvious solutions are:


Some type of downward extension bolted (or clamped) to the bar - requires Reg 35 approval.


Some sort of heel extension for her shoes


A pad fixed to the floor which could be removed when she is not flying it - awkward and probably still needs reg 35.


Has anyone had this problem and what was the solution?


A related query - I was trying to find the min design strength for rudder pedals for VLA ie how hard can you stomp on them. I have seen figures for IIRC FAR23 but can't seem to find them - any clues?



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Have a talk to Jabiru first


One would think that they have come up against this problem before


I know they have extension blocks for the pedals for the more vertically challanged pilot



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The J160s I work on have the facility to alter the fore/aft length of the rudder pedals through the movement of the T-shaped pedal in a tube attached to a vertical. The T-shaped part is held in place by a pin that is designed to be taken in and out.


Would it be possible to make a new T-shaped piece, but put an S-bend in it so that the cross bar piece of the pedal is brought down closer to the cockpit floor?


Old Man Emu


Boy, that's as clear as mud. Probably simpler with a diagram



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