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2200 inlet manifold


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I know there are various inlet manifold fixes to improve mixture distribution for the 3300 engine, but is there anything similar for the 2200?


Cylinders 3 & 4 on my engine have EGT's that vary a lot at different rpm's. Tilting the carb to one side or the other may even things out at one point, but then makes it worse elsewhere. To me this suggests that the fuel mix is going one side or the other of the splitter in the manifold, so has anyone tried removing it or changing the shape?


I'd be interested to hear of any good ideas.





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Recently I cleaned the main air bleed of any roughness by pushing and pulling a drill bit by hand, like you would with a file. I also chamfered the air entry of the bleed port. The holes of the atomizer were also opened ever so slightly using the same technique. Doing all this improved cruise fuel consumption with fairly even EGT's 1310 to 1325, about 2.5 gal per hour. 3300's air bleed and atomizers are actually drilled significantly larger as their air pumping is half again as much as our 2200's. The splitter is swaped with a round bar.


Changing throttle blade angle and the fact that fuel is entering the airstream not far ahead of the splitter does not give much time for fuel to shear and mix with the air. The splitter seems to have two functions, to add separation to the air/fuel mix and to increase velocity to help shear up the fuel. Often wondered what would happen to the fuel air mixture if there were angled grooves cut into both sides of the splitter, just like VG's on a wing or, a circle of small VG's just inside the outlet of the carb. .......They don't call the experimental for nothing!!!.....Don



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