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  1. Could always use the low fuel float setup Jabiru use ? Float switch through header tank wall hooked to light on dash Install then drain tank i til it lights up, measure whats left until its empty I reckon install was simple too, cut a small hole and glass in a new plate with switch in it
  2. Any LSA Jabirus you wont be able to modify AT ALL unless Jabiru sign off on it Find a 19 reg and you can do the type of work youre thinking History shows Jabiru are reluctant to involve themselves in R&D that they arent running. Some have been told all cylinder EGT and CHT was a bad thing as pilots would knew too much. They now recommend it Have a look at what Dynon and others put together, these have a range of engine sensors, logging and limits available. Even with this all set up and running, the outcomes of data presented isnt always clear Yes you should recognise carb ice and man
  3. I understood, the 40mm Bing was near max flow for the 3300, Jab were testing a twin setup Could be part of the problem with uneven fuel distribution across cylinders at differing throttle settings If you don't sort this out, any increase in induction pressure will make problems more serious A SDS port injection system can be used with Bing as backup, with the dual controllers you can vary each cylinder fuel flow - BUT $$$$$
  4. I had a very bad experience with Duc props and their rep in NZ at the time and French manufacturer
  5. Plenty of aircraft jump started, lots struggle when cold Jab run 8-10 charge setup, CAE and Rotec have 45 A altenator
  6. As experimental and then you would be constrained by 600 kg, all of Jabiru determinations AND lame maint Not sure why you would
  7. Cant edit, should say .........CANT be registered VH.......
  8. They arent certified so can be registered in VH unless owner built ie experimental LSA is a manufacturer managed standard, whatever they claim goes Both a benefit and a problem for owners In earlier versions, theres A and B model, one is for higher MTOW, other has claimed min stall. Almost identical but some heavier wing bolts and main gear setup for the extra weight
  9. My numbers from actual J200 at 600kg, CAE 3300 will TAS 125 without much problems, much more fuel though, ~26 lph J200 (and a heavy one) is 360kg VG fitted to J2/400 wing and under tail make a good difference to low speed handling and stall speed I think the only problem with a 914 in a J2/4xx is the cost of the engine, I did see some numbers from an EFI and CS fitted 3300 and I was surprised cruise and fuel wasn't that much better, Id bet climb was though
  10. Smaller wing is faster, some say easier to fly, but has slightly faster stall, ie 2-3 kts Whole lot easier to hanger being some meters narrower Weights are the same and I think the short wing underwent much more spin testing Long wing was done to meet new stall for LSA
  11. Yes there is a 914 J230/430 getting around somewhere
  12. Not sure the Covid app has any data worth stealing Just list of Bluetooth connections phone numbers Telemarketers have these already it seems
  13. Nothing wrong with your logic just that the aircraft are certified (LSA) by Jabiru and they have total say over every component ever used on or in it If they have a spec to meet no problem but Jabiru say Odyssey PC625 Fuel and oil they have specs to meet now, oil used to have a brand listed They could say Jabiru battery part number xxxxx in which case you have to buy from them LSA aircraft approvals are totally linked to Jabiru and any changes to servicing or parts they decide to specify A big advantage to owner built aircraft.
  14. Yes and no mention of SA businesses returning after work elsewhere that arent “regular” No mention that documents required proving essential works, puchase orders, addresses etc etc Junior cop on the day has ability to cost your company $30k in wages let alone lost work and damages
  15. anything certificated or LSA cannot fit another brand unless Jabiru support it in writing, they wont due to liability so youre stuck with whats in their documents Many others just follow what manufacturer specifies - smart if you dont know any better. The remaining few do whatever they want and assess the risk of cheaper brands.
  16. Vic and NSW have no cross border restrictions other than regs each state has in place QLD has physically blocked border crossings and you need to call Police to allow access - adding hours to a trip but they aren't forcing isolation. SA has police at border and they assess your answers to questions and say if you have to isolate or not. No phone number to call, no website, no guidance as to whats acceptable or any management plans required that would assure unrestricted re entry.
  17. Distancing rules in regards to work are recommendations Nothing preventing dual training right now other than definition of essential services - if a student needs training for work related duties its OK Each state could be different. In saying that its not a bad idea, from instructors point of view, to pause dual training and reduce risk to themselves.
  18. SA have a crap system for cross border travel right now, really hurting contractors and projects requiring SA businesses to travel. The risk and cost of being forced to isolate teams for 2 weeks based on one policemens assessment on the day of return is huge.
  19. The govt or Amazon have no data from you or about you unless someone sends it to them and to do that require a code from positive test. The bluetooth info on your phone - people youve been near for 15min - is deleted after 28 ?? days Think about it, unless you are the one sending the data pack - youve just tested positive - theres SFA chance they can track you further than 1 contact. We are all still supposed to be 1.5m apart and not in contact or sharing anything. It could help identify where transfers are happening and what things need to remain restricted, Havent heard of Bunnings or W
  20. Id prefer to know so as fast as possible I can avoid family and those in society who have a high chance of death from virus - reduced risk Wouldnt care much about my rights if I found out id passed it on and they died. The second wave of infections was far worse in previous pandemics and because we have done a great job slowing the first, makes this scenario more likely
  21. Shouldn't impact battery life, suggest something might be wrong, no impact on our 5SE's I can see. Bluetooth uses hardly any power unless communicating and the app has nothing to do with GPS or network. It picks up when you spend more than 15 minutes within Bluetooth range with another App user, logs details, doesn't send them anywhere. IF you are (or they) then diagnosed, you press the button (and with code given by testing lab) and send this data to health people and they can more easily and quickly contact those you've been around and who are at risk of having got virus from you Also
  22. Theres a lot of them out there would be key reason, people either grow tired of flying or move onto bigger/faster things Don't think there is s 230B in AU, 230 are LSA so are factory built and cant be modified There is a 200B ? Small airframes been around longer so theres a few different types. Often same airframe is sold overseas with limitations to suit regs in the market, with 120kt limit in US theres a special variant of 3300 engine that does lower max rpm...……. A good manual is on the website regarding airframe and covers most variations https://jabiru.net.au/wp-content/uploads/20
  23. Yeah sorry jumped ahead there to IFA Not many prop options for 2200, none other than Jabiru's is approved and they are pinned to a set pitch Lots of unhappy stories of non wooden props on 4 cyl Jabiru. Jabiru's version is fibreglass not Carbon so more flex and damping. On the 3300 theres plenty of ground adjustable 2 and 3 blade working well Unless you have a 19 reg you cant fit or adjust them without Jabiru approval.
  24. Jabirus need all cylinders monitored, hottest moves around and you have to watch egt Cht probes need shielding from air blast , under plug ones are hard to centre and seal and break eventually Terminal screwed to hole between plugs is the go covered in insulation or metal shield
  25. Not many IFA props out there and they are heavy and expensive, Never seen one on 2200 Especially the 4 cyl has vibrations that require damping For a long time only the timber props would handle this reliably
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