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  1. Beginning 01-01-2021, YBDG & YWTO have introduced landing fees & parking charges. City of Greater Bendigo being the money hungry morons they are, will be charging $11+gst per tonne or part thereof per landing and $11 per day parking. Wentworth NSW Shire being progressive, will be charging $15 per landing for aircraft over 1.7 tonne and $6 per day parking. Not hard to see which one wants to encourage private light aircraft to visit!. Interestingly enough, neither have these notifications in ERSA yet.
  2. When l purchased my plane the 3300A had 525hrs up, all on avgas. At 580hrs it started pumping the bottle full of oil in about 1.5hrs. Had to break all top rings & 3 seconds to get unstuck from lead carbon in grooves. Approx 1.5mm carbon on pistons & valves. New 40thou over commodore ringset($50) with endgaps opened up & valves cleaned/lapped. Changed to 98mogas, now after 620hrs in 5years have gone to 50hr oil changes due to oil not dirty 'nuff before then. Using 40-50ml ph & at each service approx 15ml in bottle, of which 5ml is water/condensation. Runnin like a swiss watch.
  3. Welcome, if you ever up YBDG way, can take you for a cruise in my avatar.
  4. Bit of cutting & splicing going on too. The first scene at the steps of the DC3 and then with the pollies getting out of the Bristol, show same rego. The DC3s, operated by Historic Aircraft Restoration Society.
  5. If it is a 24 registration you must also have permission from the aircraft manufacturer.
  6. Can anyone tell me differences between J230B and C?. Cheers.
  7. Unfortunately we are not allowed to charge for services rendered, would have to volunteer our services for free!.
  8. Driving to airfield for instuction is legal (education). Instructor & student in aircraft is legal (workplace), distancing in workplace is (recommended) not mandatory.
  9. Hi Don, my Taylor has no in_flight elevator trim, which isn't a problem.  Full fuel requires one finger back pressure & low fuel requires half finger forward pressure for level flight.           Cheers mate. 
  10. Coming along very nicely Don, Cheers Roger.
  11. Jabirupilot My apologies, I've just seen your cry for help. I may be able to assist. Cheers Steve
    1. zodiacpilot


      Just caught your reply Steve, would be great to talk. I can be reached on 0428468509. 
  12. Hi all, looking to 'beg, borrow, steal, or buy' a pusher to suit o200 continental ( 58x67) or close. Cheers.
  13. What a blast it would be, but just you try it in AUS, go on I dare ya!
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