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  1. Danny my confidence was shot too ! Passed my BFR ok, but still a bit nervous about flying on my own. Probably a bit of overload trying to do a BFR with out flying for 10 months. I usually go out the week before and put myself through most of the things you are expected to do. If something needs work I do a bit more practice ( forced landing etc.) I was glad I didn't go on my own as there was a good chance something may have gone sideways ! cheer's Butch
  2. Went for my BFR today after not flying for 10 months ( Covid and fractured elbow ....long story) I couldn't believe how much of my coordination and motor skills I have lost due to not flying ! My first landing was a disaster...bad rudder control, over correction and always behind the aircraft. It put a real dint in my confidence and I was quite embarrassed to admit my flying skills aren't up to scratch. The good news is after a few circuits it all came back and I was sighed off ok. My point is to all out there that if you haven't bee
  3. Seen some bad pilots but this is the best effort of being a D!CKHEAD I've ever seen
  4. Our school in Bendigo is closed for both training and aircraft hire ! But we are in Victoria home of Dan the Man Hotel scandal extraordinaire !
  5. Spenaroo, I chose between buying a Road Bike or flying .........both between 6 to 10K. I chose flying because I thought it was safer , anybody can ride a bike. (that's why so many die ) My daughter was booked to go overseas for 3 months before Covid and it would have cost her over 10k. If you really want to do it save up for a while and get a couple of K up front before you start. Give up buying coffee, restaurants and things you don't really need. Well Covids doing it for you ! Flying training would have to be some of the best money I've spent.........nothing has given me mo
  6. Welcome, you live in Gods own country! Stuck in Vic .....11degrees C today and looking at your forecast of around 28c. Would love to retire in Port D one day............Dream on ????☀☀☀
  7. I found a good Flight Simulator for the Aircraft you will learn on was a great help. It helps you become familiar with the cockpit layout, you can practice radio calls, orientate in the flight circuit and it gives you the basic feel for throttle and joystick inputs. I did my first solo at 8 hours training, not because of my talent but the fact that I had practiced so much on the simulator and could focus on flying the aircraft rather than thinking where things were in the cockpit.
  8. Come and train in Bendigo! Full instruction $272 per flying hour in a Tecnam P92 ......$255 if you pre pay. 25 hours @ $255 = $6,375. Fantastic Instructors that are passionate about their job and a local flying club that's not out to rip students off. Well worth the drive up from Melbourne , lots of open space, good weather and 4 aircraft to train in or hire.
  9. That's progress ! Big flash new runway,.......the writing was on the wall. City of greater Bendigo just had to Fxck things up like they always do with most things ! So much for the letters of objection to landing fees that we all sent in . Some overpaid wanker probably through them in the bin. Bendigo's a tourist town with lots of attractions and accommodation close to the Airport port. Apparently people who fly aircraft don't count. You can drive up the multi million dollar Calder Freeway to visit for free, but arrive in an aircraft...........money for jam! ( honestly our Council i
  10. Come on you guy lighten up! Merry Covid Ho Ho Ho! ? ?
  11. No I didn't! ....you're right. It is basic airmanship to be on the right frequency for the CTAF. Tell that to the Asian students at our major flight school from Moorabbin with yellow aircraft! (that just shut down)
  12. Another good reason to use your radio ! Even if some users of this site tell you different. The more info I hear on CTAF the safer I feel.........I fly in the country so most times it's not congested so why not broadcast to all in the circuit where you are and and what your intentions are ?
  13. I would say yes the cargo on the plane is lighter, the aircraft is still the same weight. Any gas or material that is compressed in a set area will always be heavier for that area than in a neutral state.
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