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  1. I thought I'd take a moment and go over the changes I made to the tail area of my Taylor mono and pictures of most should be in the thread. 1. I changed the tail skid to a full swivel Maule gear 2. Installed 2 pulleys for better routing for rudder cables exiting the Fus.
  2. Hey fellas. After many many times of removal and re-installing of the tail group I can say the Horz stab is ready for its plywood and the elevator is ready for fabric and all bolts for hinges are removable with out any cutting or recovering All ideas I added from my KR-2 parts has made for a very strong tail group and the hinges run real smooth. With elevator at neutral position and rudder full left or right I have 1-1/4" clearance at closest point to rudder. The mounting for the HORZ stab worked out very well and I can adjust easily +/- 3 or 4 degrees if needed. Next off I will tackle the co
  3. I decided to open a 1-3/4" hole on each side of the base of rudder to make reaching the control horn bolts more easily. This was done with a hand drill and a hole saw bit and does not impair the integrity of the ply. earlier in this thread I spoke of a larger hole in internal brace to allow an extension for socket to fit to hold the two nuts but found it is just one of two ways of handling this hard to reach area. Thought I'd better share this with the Forum. And we at home are doing fine as is the build . I also did a hand drawing of my way of assuring the single bolts holding the hinge half'
  4. This picture is of the Horz.stab with all hinges in place and the control arm for elevator installed. I'm getting 34 degrees up elevator and 28 degrees down and prints call for 25 degrees up/down so very satisfied with movement. Rudder ask for 30 degrees left /right and I'm getting 33 degrees so mods on control arms from the KR-2 is a easy task by using router and some sanding and file work next to add ply to HZ. I guess it's something to do during this terrible Covid-19 mess we all are in. Over 240.000 have passed in the USA as of November 06. You all stay safe. Don J
  5. I wanted to post a picture of the modifications I did to the stock KR-2 control horns for elevator and rudder of the Taylor-monoplane. The bottom horn in picture is shaped to allow forward and aft movement for the elevator and top fitting is slightly modified for full movement of rudder left and right and has a safety angle mounted to tail post to help protect wood if cable lock sleeves slip. Horz.stab rear spar will have same type of safety feature installed. a little work each day. Don
  6. Hello members. Though building has been going slow mainly due to the difficulty of getting material shipped in I'm still plugging away at the build these photos are of the fuel header tank getting ready for mounting. and the small modification done to instrument box for tank fit. I've been practicing with the Poly fiber practice kit to get the feel for covering the control surfaces and got my seat sewed up. The yellow tow strap laid on the seat in one picture is rated at 5400 lb and was sewed into the seat and is of great strength. I'm still having a great time building. Don J
  7. Still working away on the T-Mono and check myself the other day and yep still alive.:cheezy grin:Plane is begging to get its wings built but many little things to do before the roots are put in for good. Materials are slow to come but we all are kinda use to that right ?working mainly on fuel and engine mount and the rest to get the FWF done. Stay safe all. Don
  8. A quick drop in to show some pictures of the hardware built to get the controls working on the Taylor-mono. I have all the Aileron Diff't quadrant material from my KR-2 and at this time studying just how these will work in the root of the wing. Taylor print calls for 22.5 degrees in offset and as close as I can measure at this time is my KR-2 parts are at 21 degrees so I believe it will be just fine for it's new mission. I made a couple sets of elevator and rudder hinges I guess practice makes perfect. very near to getting the controls covered with fabric but first had to make and mount all me
  9. I thought I should share with the forum the inner works of my root Spars. If you look close you can see how I took stock KR-2 root spars and removed the ply on one side and added bridge support braces internally. This probably was not needed but for some reason I feel more confident with the added bracing especially beings my landing gear is supported at the outer end of the spars. I'm still working on the task of getting the hinges done for I can get these parts covered. believe it or not fellas I'm still having a great time building...
  10. Getting hinges lined up and checking on how much ply overhang I can have on Horz. Stab trailing edge
  11. Hey Don, I picked up the Monoplane plans over the holidays and have been looking through your build log for inspiration. Just curious, did you start completely from scratch or did you pick up a WIP project? Plans look decent, better than I thought they would be, but I can see what you mean from them requiring a bit of thought on the builder's end. Any tips on which parts to start first?
    1. Don J

      Don J

      Start with the Fuselage and get it boxed up and add belly sheet of ply. I would go to rudder next to get the feel of making the bows and laminating the pieces need to make bows. But most of all start where you feel is best for you

  12. I'm at my final sanding on the rudder and just about messed up. I got one base ply glued on and was ready to glue on the other side and realized the internal part of the rudder needed varnished at the base. If I would have not caught this I don't think I could have sealed it without dipping into a large container of varnish. In some ways that would really seal it thick but what a waste of sealer and plus much added weight. Once I had base ply on one side I varnished internally then tapped off the inner glue line of the other base ply and varnished it good before gluing in place. Now with some
  13. I managed to get the added screws in the tail area I wanted for support of the Horz. Stab mounts blocks and just plugging along a little each day.
  14. very nice project. Could you imagine building all those pieces by hand. have a great time and keep America posted
  15. In this photo you can see the drag anti drag wood braces 45 degree to the spars I added in the elevator and Horz Stab. I will detail HS with balsa to get to same plain as the ribs to give more glue surface for the ply that covers the HS and elevators brace will remain hidden because it's fabric covered only. I added a x-member just back from the front HS spar to allow a slot to reach the mounting bolts and other end of bolts will be accessed from inspection holes per plans on side of fuselage. Doing the detail work allows me to run the ply out to the tip bows on both sides of the HS and the ve
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