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  1. I have been working on the rudder cables and elevator here is some pictures of the pulleys I have built in. one picture is of the KR-2 hinges mounted to the rudder and also a picture on the elevator cable layout under seat. Its all a work in progress. more later
  2. FEW MORE UPDATED PHOTOS OF MY BUILD. Its coming along fine.
  3. Just want every one to know I'am building a Taylor in the upper midwest of USA and I think the only one being built at this time in the states. Here is a few pictures. If any one has built one and want to share ideas please contact me. Don
  4. Great video. reminds me of a time my wife and I went to the flying field to watch a good friend fly his RC B-24 for the first and last time. After the crash he and I started out with a bag to gather pieces and when we returned the wife was still crying her eyes out. I had trouble getting her to go flying after that show.
  5. Looks like you got your self a Corvair. Is it the 145 cubic inch or the 164 cubic inch? I have a aircraft conversion build book from William Wynn one of the corvair authority in the USA. I have a bellhousing cut down and ready if you need one but depends on if your running the 5th bearing or not. I built a 164 ci for my KR-2.
  6. got a bit closer with the rudder last night. I like the curve and lines of the Taylor- mono tail feathers.
  7. Here in North Dakota I'd go sit in my KR-2 and drop the canopy down for a few minutes to keep warm in the fall months. Of course it was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit out side but the sun was shinning good.
  8. Great job Dave. I will save to my files for sure. Thank you
  9. What a great picture. Makes a guy just want to go fly
  10. I will Roger. I'm just finishing my ribs for the Elevator and Horz. Stab and rudder. Doing the shaping of the Spars and getting hinges off my retired KR-2 cleaned up for mounting. I have some pictures posted on the HomeBuiltAirplane forum. I have a cowling for a Soneria that I hope to make fit the T-mono. I haven't figured out how to post pictures yet on this forum but will check into it.On the HBA forum I can go to my pictures on the PC and download to the site and I'am sure its the same way here but I only get asked for the image URL and mine are JPEG I guess I need to use a photo bucket?? L
  11. Thanks for the input from the two who did. I thought there was a few more T-M flyers out there
  12. welcome to the Forum and glad to see there is another Taylor-monoplane builder out there. I would advise to look over the plane close and also the Vertical Stab mounting area. could you give a bit more of an idea on what stage your build is at? Is your tail group done? What firewall do you have? I would be happy to share some building obstacles that I have came across. Welcome aboard Gordo. Don P.S. its a great little plane you should love it
  13. Thank you Roger. Beautiful plane you have. Dad said the Taylor-mono was one of the best he ever flown and as a cropduster for over 30 years to me it says alot.
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