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  1. There's a Brumby low-wing with a Lycoming for sale in Oz at the moment - it's an amateur-built one, looks very nice in the pics. The ad says its an O-235 but when I enquired about it (just curious, not because I'm a potential purchaser), I'm pretty sure the agent said it's actually an O-233. Don't know why he hasn't corrected the ad, but there you go. Anyway, I was interested in the empty weight, which I believe was (is) 360kg. So not a lot to play with there. The aircraft is virtually brand new - completed in 2020, only 40hrs TTIS. The agent said it was built by a "serial builder", who
  2. What a great project, well done. It looks fabulous. You have brought that aircraft into the 21st century. Enjoy!!
  3. I agree, times 2! The older Europas are something of a "quiet achiever" among light homebuilts. They have a very low profile in the market, but that is very impressive performance and fuel burn. And yes, their new Elite looks great, it's a pity that the Covid19 debacle in the UK has undoubtedly cost them many lost months of progress on it.
  4. Ah yes, another (ex) Beechcraft owner here, so I know what you are talking about. I owned a lovely old Debonair ("Debbie" as we affectionately knew her) back in the 1990s - what a delight she was to fly. Quite fast, stable, forgiving, and almost landed herself with those big fat wings and the ground-effect. Glory days.
  5. Footnote to my original post... I tracked down the aircraft details as listed by the auctioneer. It doesn't show their age in years, but most are quite high-time, over 11,000 hours TTIS. Only about 3 have less than 10,000 hours on them. A surprising number of them seem to be unserviceable - engines and/or props missing or "incomplete", some with no avionics, etc etc. Some are situated at Jandakot, some at Merredin. It's mostly the ones at Merredin that seems to be in bits. So maybe a few restoration projects in store for someone. These are composite aircraft, so you'd think
  6. Thanks Red750, interesting. For something with an IO360 up front, the performance seems a bit underwhelming.
  7. Just saw a heap of Grob G115-C2s appear on the auction market here in WA. China Southern pilot training school apparently went into liquidation back in December, and all the assets are now being sold off. They operated out of Jandakot and also Merredin. They bought the Merredin airfield from the shire back in 1995 for $1, then spent about a million on upgrading it. Another Covid-19 casualty I guess - their primary mission was to train Chinese pilots who would then return home to take up a career in aviation. But with little or no international travel, no students = no revenue = big proble
  8. Neither do I! In 2021 most CEOs would give an arm or leg for anything close to that level of ROI.
  9. I do think OME raises a good point here. And it's not just the billions being thrown at the F-35 fighters. What about the multi-billions being peed down the toilet for these ridiculous submarines? The Collins class subs which will apparently be retired soon have been a huge money-hole too, both to buy and to operate and maintain. My question is - has ANY submarine operated by the RAN since WW2 EVER done anything of any strategic significance? I suspect not, and I just don't buy this line that we need them as a "deterrent". So we will pour these billions down the same hole again, and thes
  10. Does anyone here know anything about the Whisper aircraft, out of South Africa? They have a 2-seater (all-composite I think) called the X350. Looks pretty good on paper (or on screen) - fast, fairly spacious, quite good useful load. I'm not a potential builder, just curious to know how good (or not) they might really be. Their website is at https://www.whisperaircraft.com/
  11. Interesting to note that there is one of these for sale by auction at the moment in Australia. VH-YXP, part of a deceased estate in NSW somewhere.
  12. Hmm I did the boat trip out to Woody Island just before Christmas, and on a guided walk was assured by the guide that there are NO snakes on that island. Seems odd that only one (or few) islands in an archipelago of 100 or so would be snake-free. Don't know what to think now!
  13. What makes it a Recreational Aviation accident? Just the registration of the aircraft? If so, this one wasn't an RA incident - the aircraft is/was VH registered.
  14. This is just awful. It's not clear to me how the PIC fits into the picture here. I know VH-SIP has been for sale for a long time, because I've been sort of half-watching it since I live just 30 or 40 minutes from Serpentine, and if the lotto numbers ever lined up well enough, it just might have been something I would be interested in. The Aussie register still shows the original builder as the owner/operator, so unless Mr Brady bought it very recently and the details haven't been updated yet, he doesn't seem to be the owner. If he was just doing someone a favour, then it almost makes it al
  15. How very irritating. That $70/35GB prepaid with 6 month expiry suited us very nicely, what's there now somewhat less. Oh well, by the time we need to recharge it will be different again! I can hardly wait....NOT.
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