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  1. Yes, I've read about this one, it was in 1999. The aircraft was VH-LWA, a Glasair 235 built by one of the Serpentine community I believe. They refuelled and overnighted at Aldinga, and the crash occurred shortly after their departure from there the following morning. Here's a link to the CASA report: https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/1999/aair/aair199901340/ There was fairly clear evidence that the tanks had been almost drained by thieves overnight. An absolute tragedy - two guys lost. It's not stated in the report, but I'd bet nobody was ever brought to acco
  2. This looks interesting, but all those cranks and levers in the middle worry me a bit. I'm no mechanical engineer, so I wonder why the two halves of the crankshaft need to turn in opposite directions - is that to damp out vibrations, by rotating 180 degrees out of phase? If so then maybe it's OK, but my uneducated thought is that vibration could be damped using a weighted flywheel somewhere. Or by using two pairs of opposed pistons, arranged so that the pairs are 180 degrees our of phase - but if I've thought of that (and it works), then I'm sure Ampere Inc has too! Happy to be corrected on
  3. You have to read the small print. I'm fairly sure that when I last looked, Aldi SIMs do not use ALL of the Telstra network. It can be significant.
  4. Is this the Ben Lexcen of aviation? Mind-bending stuff. I have to wonder where all his money comes from - he seems to have a bottomless supply!
  5. Yes we use that one on an Android tablet, not for flying but for road trips. The problem with any opinion on this sort of thing is that the plans change so often. Until a few months back Telstra was offering a 180-day plan for $70 (I think) which gave something like 25 or 30GB. It suited us well and was actually better value per GB than the 365-day plan. Someone inside Telstra must have realised that it was too good, so it is no longer offered. I was very annoyed by that. But for travelling you really need a Telstra plan, because they do have the best coverage.
  6. I quite like their approach. I like the cantilever wing, the cavernous interior, and the robust build. But the LSA MTOW limit is a serious limitation - maybe Vashon have designed this with an eye to a future weight increase for LSAs. It seems like the airframe could almost certainly handle much more weight. With a few more horsepower (Rotax 915is?) and a MTOW around 800 or 900kg, this would be very attractive - like a mini Glasair Sportsman.
  7. Well that may be true, and it might happen if it were the only choice. But the likelihood of my getting back into flying is vanishingly small, so it will probably never be a decision that I have to make.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I'm not a pilot these days, but was back in the 1980s and 90s. And for a glorious few years we owned an old Beech Debonair - now that had a bit of heft to it! Built like a tank, it shared a lot of components with the Bonanza, and even a few with the Baron I think (e.g. landing gear). MTOW was about 1350kg if memory serves, and that weight certainly gave it a lot of stability in the air. I really wouldn't want to fly anything really light, and the thought of a 600kg MTOW makes me shake my head a bit.
  9. Equator Aircraft is working on this hybrid amphibian, somewhere in Scandinavia I think. They have flown the prototype, and seem to be progressing quite well. https://equatoraircraft.com/index.html
  10. Just saw this from a while back... RFguy, I'm sure you are aware that there is at least one J230 around powered by a Rotax 914. There's actually one for sale at the moment. So maybe that's an option if the Jab engine saga gets all too hard.
  11. Good grief. That is a near-death experience. I stopped it at the frame where the nosewheel goes past the photographer's head, and I'm sure it was below the height of his head. The guy on the motor scooter on the road got a surprise too.
  12. Thanks for all that. Doesn't sound like it's something that is going anywhere really. Not anywhere worthwhile, anyway.
  13. Anyone here know anything about the Foxcon LSAs, from north Qld? I'd never heard of them until I just noted one for sale on planesales.com.au. I found their website (rather basic), all quite interesting - the Terrier 200 seems to be the mainstream model. They look quite nice in the pics - about the only thing that doesn't appeal (to me anyway) is the double wing struts, as they would intrude into the view quite a bit I think. They seem to be pushing the Subaru EA81 engine, another thing I know nothing about. But they also mention the good ol' Rotax 912. It isn't entirely clear to me whet
  14. There's a Brumby low-wing with a Lycoming for sale in Oz at the moment - it's an amateur-built one, looks very nice in the pics. The ad says its an O-235 but when I enquired about it (just curious, not because I'm a potential purchaser), I'm pretty sure the agent said it's actually an O-233. Don't know why he hasn't corrected the ad, but there you go. Anyway, I was interested in the empty weight, which I believe was (is) 360kg. So not a lot to play with there. The aircraft is virtually brand new - completed in 2020, only 40hrs TTIS. The agent said it was built by a "serial builder", who
  15. What a great project, well done. It looks fabulous. You have brought that aircraft into the 21st century. Enjoy!!
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