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  1. I do think OME raises a good point here. And it's not just the billions being thrown at the F-35 fighters. What about the multi-billions being peed down the toilet for these ridiculous submarines? The Collins class subs which will apparently be retired soon have been a huge money-hole too, both to buy and to operate and maintain. My question is - has ANY submarine operated by the RAN since WW2 EVER done anything of any strategic significance? I suspect not, and I just don't buy this line that we need them as a "deterrent". So we will pour these billions down the same hole again, and thes
  2. Does anyone here know anything about the Whisper aircraft, out of South Africa? They have a 2-seater (all-composite I think) called the X350. Looks pretty good on paper (or on screen) - fast, fairly spacious, quite good useful load. I'm not a potential builder, just curious to know how good (or not) they might really be. Their website is at https://www.whisperaircraft.com/
  3. Interesting to note that there is one of these for sale by auction at the moment in Australia. VH-YXP, part of a deceased estate in NSW somewhere.
  4. Hmm I did the boat trip out to Woody Island just before Christmas, and on a guided walk was assured by the guide that there are NO snakes on that island. Seems odd that only one (or few) islands in an archipelago of 100 or so would be snake-free. Don't know what to think now!
  5. What makes it a Recreational Aviation accident? Just the registration of the aircraft? If so, this one wasn't an RA incident - the aircraft is/was VH registered.
  6. This is just awful. It's not clear to me how the PIC fits into the picture here. I know VH-SIP has been for sale for a long time, because I've been sort of half-watching it since I live just 30 or 40 minutes from Serpentine, and if the lotto numbers ever lined up well enough, it just might have been something I would be interested in. The Aussie register still shows the original builder as the owner/operator, so unless Mr Brady bought it very recently and the details haven't been updated yet, he doesn't seem to be the owner. If he was just doing someone a favour, then it almost makes it al
  7. How very irritating. That $70/35GB prepaid with 6 month expiry suited us very nicely, what's there now somewhat less. Oh well, by the time we need to recharge it will be different again! I can hardly wait....NOT.
  8. Similar here. Our tablet becomes our own private Wireless Access Point when there is no free one around to use. Or even when there is - free public wifi is not necessarily secure, so I would NOT recommend doing your banking on it.
  9. I strongly recommend that you compare the coverage maps. The key phrase with ALDI is "MOST of the Telstra network" - you will note for example that while Telstra has coverage almost all the way across the Nullarbor, Aldi has NONE. Zip. Zilch. We use a Telstra simm in a tablet for our road trips, because in our experience Telstra has the best coverage, hands down. Our current one is a prepaid for $70 which lasts 180 days and gives 35GB - data only, no calls or texts. But things change all the time - I can's see that one on the website now.
  10. Thanks from me too, kgwilson. The Canstar scores confirm my (generally bad) experience with Varta rechargeables, both AA and AAA. They were OK for the first few charge/discharge cycles, but it didn't take many before the capacity started going south. Won't buy any more of them.
  11. Ah, so it is the turbo engine - I thought that was the most likely candidate. Not surprised to hear that parts are getting difficult to come by. Also interesting to hear it is one of the Serpentine fleet.
  12. Crikey, I wouldn't have expected that as a choice of aircraft engine. I just looked up specs for the Smarts, and looks like there was an 800cc diesel and a 1-litre petrol., with and without turbo. None of them would exactly give neck-snapping performance, I suspect. It would be interesting to know how that turned out.
  13. I second that. I've noted recently that at least a couple of the 152s I flew during my basic training back in the early 1980s are still flying today, with the same organisation. I'd love to know their TTAF times! It must have been better economics to keep them going rather than replace, or they wouldn't still be there.
  14. Not for the retailer running the servo, I think it's the fuel companies further up the food chain that are doing the ripping off. I certainly wouldn't be investing in a servo now, but people are - there's a new one being built near me, despite the fact that there are at least 3 others within a couple of km. Very hard to see the viability there.
  15. Ah, taxes on taxes, you gotta love it! I thought it was a principle of our tax system that this doesn't happen. Just like all those taxes that GST was supposed to replace - funny thing, but some are still here (e.g. stamp duty), 20 years on.
  16. I reckon it's a bit more than an illusion. With this ridiculous fuel "price cycle" that we have here (for car fuels anyway), the price can change overnight by anything up to 30%. Personally, I think that IS worth saving, so we make constant use of the Fuelwatch website here in WA, and adjust our purchasing accordingly. We have a Prado with large tanks which can take 180 litres of diesel - 30% saved on a fillup is worth at least a lunch, maybe even two!
  17. Yes it certainly looks good. Peter estimates (hopes for) cruise speeds well over 200 knots - an earlier video seemed to show that the engine was producing over 300hp at the rev limit he has set (about 3800rpm, with a reduction drive). And it's pressurised too, so with both those turbos pumping, performance should persist way up into the flight levels, and no need for oxygen masks. I think the prototype is quite a bit heavier than it could/should be, so probably won't reach its performance potential. His plan is to put it into production, but not by him. He says some discussions/plans have
  18. RFGuy, something that might light your fire, if you haven't seen it already, is the Raptor prototype being built in the US. An Aussie guy named Peter Muller lives there and for the last several years has been designing and building this aircraft. Its powerplant, believe it ot not, is an Audi 3-litre twin-turbo diesel V6, with a 3rd-party Motec ECU on it. In conjunction with some software this allows him to tweak all sorts of parameters, and monitor/log heaps of things. The aircraft is very close to first flight. Today's update shows him doing some static runs to verify that there will be
  19. Ah didn't see that - don't use social media. If that's what it is then they seem to have almost created their own market for joyflights. They seem always to be up there in groups - maybe they do mock dogfights or something like that. 4 have just taken off this morning and headed to the training area (depending on wind, the circuit can go almost right over my house). Anyway, they seem to be generating a good level of utilisation. Why WA I am wondering? They could do this almost anywhere.
  20. Six of these were in the air again today - a very nice flying day on the west coast. I saw a couple of them land at Jandakot, and interestingly, the crews were all wearing full helmets, in all of them. That was slightly surprising. And yes I've looked at the register and these ones are all still shown as owned AND operated by Pacific Flight Services in Parkes NSW. Maybe they are being leased by a training organisation here, but if so then you'd think (well I'd think) that the lessee might be shown as the operator. Whatever the situation is, they all seem to be very busy.
  21. Hmmm interesting. Maybe the auctions didn't work and they are making other arrangements. There were 4 of them in the air this afternoon, some doing circuits. Definitely those regos.
  22. Many here will have seen that 6 or 7 Pacific Aerospace CT-4s were auctioned on the east coast not long ago. It looks to me as if they have all (or nearly all) ended up over here in WA. I live quite near Jandakot, and often see several of them buzzing around. They all have registrations like VH-YCx and I'm sure as I can be that they haven't always been here. Anyone know the full story?
  23. I don't fly now, but when I did I had no problem with landing fees as such, but I certainly might have adjusted my plans based on the LEVEL of the fees. And I'd feel the same about it if I was flying now. Rottnest Island over here in WA slapped very high landing fees on their (very basic) strip some years ago, which has (apparently) reduced leisure aircraft visits to almost nothing - it would be nice to think that someone on the management board might see that and make some constructive conclusions about it. If it was $10 or $15 it wouldn't bother me, but it's $56. There have been many com
  24. I've thought this for a long time. And CEOs of local governments are obscenely overpaid as well. But it isn't only the public sector. We sometimes see CEOs of companies in the private sector get forced out of their job because something went badly wrong. This is them supposedly "taking responsibility" for it. BUT - often they walk away with a huge payout - how is that "taking responsibility"? And quite often they move almost seamlessly into some other highly-paid position. It's all a very cosy club up in that rarefied atmosphere.
  25. Very glad you qualified that by mentioning its rarity! We haven't had common sense almost ANYWHERE for decades, as far as I can see. And that applies to both governments and private organisations. Seems to me as soon as ANY organisation gets beyond a certain size, common sense evaporates. I don't know what that threshold size is, but anything that has a department called "human resources" makes me very suspicious.
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