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Startime Amendment

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Just wondering what is the correct method to amend a Sartime that had been lodged via naips on the Internet when in flight ?. Do you call Flightwatch or Atc on vhf to make the amendment ?

I just recently askes Airservices the same question- There is a SARTIME MANAGEMENT pamphlet, which is helpful, but doesn't quite fit for our purposes of RA AUS flying in Class G; I recieved an excellent reply frtom David via email which I will reproduce below. I began by supposing a flight Oaks- Golburn-Cootamundra lodged via NAIPS, and diverting due WX to Oaks-Bathurst-Coota.


"Dear Chris,


The most appropriate telephony is the example given in AIP ENR 1.10-9 4.3


In the scenerio you described details have been lodged in the system, so by saying "SARTIME FLIGHT PLAN AMENDMENT" you are alerting the controller that details exist for your flight. You could also use the phrase "SARTIME details" as per AIP GEN 3.4 - 28, 5.4 but this wouldn't alert the controller to the fact that details already exist in NAIPS & CENSAR


As a Sartime or VFR flight wholly OCTA, ATC are completely unaware of your flight plan details. NAIPS will not send your flight plan to ATC unless your flight plan indicates it will enter CTA/R. By saying "SARTIME FLIGHT PLAN AMENDMENT" the controller knows a flight plan has been submitted and it is not necessary to ask for all the items specified in the table below as they have already been provided, just any changes.


The usual response from the controller to the above phrase, is "standby" -what is occurring behind the scenes here is the controller is asking NAIPS for your details, this can take a few minutes. Once he has your original flight plan in front of him he will ask you to advise your changes. The controller then sends those changes through to CENSAR or if the new route involved flight through CTA/R to those relevant ATC sectors.






So, from that I take it we call whatever the area frequency is and use his phraseology.


PS:the AA guy at Natfly said we should all make use of AA people on the phone or email to ask any questions-they are more than happy to help and by using them, they can more easily justify their funding and jobs!!



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