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  1. Circuits, stalls, spins, the use of top and bottom rudder, a loop and a roll in an 8kcab Decathlon got the stomach churned up a bit. More to come this weekend hopefully.
  2. 1.3 Vso for current weight short final.
  3. Does not affect TO performance just landing as the plane likes to float.
  4. A Any downwind component on a 400m strip with a plane that likes fly makes a big difference.
  5. Makes a big difference if your main runway is 18/36 and the wind is 090 /10 true for example. If your wind sock was caught up on the pole and not giving an indication you could choose 18 if you thought it was magnetic and get a downwind component where with 36 you have the wind on the nose.
  6. Had an encounter with a red party balloon today at 2500amsl, scared the s$&@ out of me !! Suggest it was helium filled. Just goes to show how quickly things happen. I saw it approaching from port side below the wing and moving up, banked right and missed it. It was a 10-15 knot northerly and I was travelling north west. Lucky it was not a bird or another aircraft !
  7. So just RPL and aero endorsement , then I should be good to go. Best of both worlds.
  8. So I could still continue to use my RAA certificate for my own aircraft then use the RPL for aerobatics in a certified aircraft ?
  9. Can I apply for an RPL with an RAA certificate, do an aerobatic rating then hire an aero certified aircraft for personal use ?
  10. I I think you need a cup full in today's current society. Maybe you had the measurements wrong ?
  11. Torquay as close as RAA can get to IFR.1000FT above and below 1500 behind and 5000 straight ahead at 5500, Awesome day ! Unlimited VFR in second pic at 090 .
  12. I I have not got my copy yet, but I am sure it will be a nice change from the day to day demanded perfection everyone is supposed to produce as a human being in today's society.
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