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PC-12 Pics

Guest SAJabiruflyer

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Guest SAJabiruflyer

We got a guided tour of a RFDS PC-12 at Loxton on Sunday. The pilot was a very good ambassador for the RFDS and gave us a great tour. It's an awesome plane and it was great to have a looksee. I think our J230 might have fitted under it!!











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It's amazing how much they can do in such limited space too. Always quietly composed and reassuring whether it be on the phone or in person, and everything you have done prior to their arrival is genuinely appreciated.


Not too may of them are what you would call bad ambassadors, in fact none of them I've met. Happy to donate time and money to their cause, and have done so on many occasions.


Given the potential for use of this service from time to time from the Rec Aviation movement, is there any fundraising set up by RA-Aus or various branches and clubs for the RFDS? I know the 4WD movement does a fair bit of fundraising via their State and Federal association and various clubs for them. How about a fly-in "cash mob" (Google it) of Mt Isa, near their original base Cloncurry Qld?


They are definitely one of those organisations that you never really fully appreciate until you need them.



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