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  1. Not everyone is interested in looking at EVERYTHING that is new on the site every time they check in. If that is what we wanted then we simly go to the "Home" page. This was the benefit of the "Last 24hrs" option, it only gave the results for the forums. Maybe a "Followed threads" option would be of use, so people do not have to wade through reams of new threads to find the ones they are following or have posted in, in the last few days? I cannot see the reasoning behind the globe icon at all. This is a predominantly English speaking forum and the globe icon does not have a clearly d
  2. SO many lines, but I ain't going anywhere near any of them.........
  3. "What is that on the road ahead" insert a comma wherever you like for several different meanings... (courtesy of Benny Hill Show, circa 1970's)
  4. Generally that condition equates to poor alternator output. CAUSES Belt driven? check tension Regulator? (old school not electronic) check gaps Diode open circuit in rectifier block? Disconnect and test Brushes worn? Inspect/replace/re-tension (new springs)
  5. Can someone else see an issue with wings made of thermite
  6. They may have been forced low by clouds after getting airborne. There were clouds around Mt Stuart and surrounding hills of the ranges in that area this morning at 0600 when I jumped on a commercial flight out of TSV airport, and it's not uncommon in that microclimate area for there to be rain/fog with the rest of TSV being clear as a bell. One hitting power lines is a piloting incident, two hitting powerlines could be a weather incident. Condolences to the families and friends of the pilots.
  7. damkia


    RAA is now invisible to the general public. For an organisation who's only hope of meaningful survival is increasing its membership, this was a VERY silly move.
  8. It is a well known characteristic of the wide angle lenses. It also improves the depth of field meaning minimal perception of focus changes. The opposite happens with extreme zoom lenses (200+mm equivalent) where things appear "flat". It also makes them very touchy with the focus, in other words exactly the opposite of the wide angle lens.
  9. not good for gyros or helicopters.......
  10. Not quite... Her surname is of German extraction ie pronounced "Vent", not "Went". so add her nickname "Nonna" to Vent, and you end up with a "Non event". For a journalist chasing stories???
  11. Years ago I used to work for Channel 9 and from talking to other news crews from around the traps at Ch 10 she was known as "Nonna"....
  12. Thank you for that. When I get home I will be buying a few of them. Rare as hens teeth, or I've been looking in all the wrong places.
  13. Most Android tablets have the micro USB connector. Is there any chance of sourcing this with either an adapter cable (Female USB <-> Male Micro USB x 1m length for windshield mounting), or native Micro-USB plug?
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