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Petersen's Performance Plus Cessnas

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I'm sure you guys went through the same gyrations. Get a bug to get your ticket, look at airplanes, look at more airplanes, etc, and so forth. I've been doing the same thing and ran across Petersen's modified Cessnas.




This is a very intriguing aircraft. Of course, Todd is going to put his best foot forward since it's his planes. But being a mechanical junkie, this sure does have some endeering features. What do you veteran pilots think and since the vast majority of you are from Australia, do you know of any of these planes showing up on your continent?





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I only recently stumbled upon the Petersen Cessna Mods and I gotta admit I was drooling profusely. There is certainly a few of them around judging by online presence.


When I was a kid a family friend had a Cessna Wren Conversion... similar thing with the small canard forward. I have always been fascinated by them...


Makes a good product better IMO.


(I am not a LAME/A&P etc... just my opinion)



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