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Milk run to the Central Coast.


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What a brilliant weekend to go flying! high cloud cover, Nil wind, forecast was VRB03Kts..... perfect! full fuel and off we go!



Departed Cessnock, and tracked East towards the Old Aeropelican aerodrome, but decided to head thurther south. shot approaching the lakes region (above the F3 freeway)



Looking back under the wing as i approach the coast at 5500ft, area is Swansea. if you look closely enough you can make out Aeropelican.....if only they made it into an Airpark!



just a bit south, the old princess Hwy and Catherine Hill bay!



Tanker traffic Jam.... this is about 1/3 of the tankers waiting off the coast of the Macquarie lakes region, waiting to be loaded with hunter Valley Coal. there is just as many boats off the coast at Stockton and thurther north.. Build More Coal loaders people!!!



The view the other side!



Looking south to the Central Coast



The Entrance..



Looking North back over where i have just been, Turned west to avoind Sydney Control zone. descending to 4500 ft.



bit lower cloud in the west. overhead Gosford. at the F3 turn north to avoid control zone.. by now my feet are starting to go numb in the cold. it was warm on the ground and up to about 3000ft, above that there was an inversion, and some very cold air... but thats part of the fun right?



theres the F3, time to turn north and track direct to Cessnock.


if you look closely you can see the Mooney Mooney Bridge. Feet getting numb, time to move them around a bit, found i can trim the aircraft just be moving my legs back and forth! :)



I love clouds. and watched in amazement as the cloud developed a tower right in front of my eyes.. amazing!



Hunter Valley on the horizon... almost frozen by now... last shot as the camera batteries died...


all in all, the flight was great, not a single bump in the air anywhere!! and the little vampire continues to impress me at every flight! i have her now so its finger tip light to fly. and the 503 purrs along nicely at 5500 RPM producing 80Kts! :)



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Guest David C

A great trip report ;).... Thanks for sharing it with us . Loved the photos , it reminded me of a flight I had in a Jab from The Oaks to Maitland via Warnervale a few months ago . Your trip reports get better and better , can't wait for the next one .


Dave C



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