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Paul Smith :clap:the business executive for a large international Corporation had flown into town to give a lecture at a joint meeting of the Companies staff.


His plane had a arrived early in town, & he had a bit if time up his sleeve before the scheduled meeting, so he went to the local watering hole to have a few ales, unwind by having a game of pool with anyone he could meet at the pub.


Upon entering the pub he observed that the bar was full of attrative women. He also observed that the pool table at the end of the bar was vacant, & so he asked the barmaid if there were any women in the bar he could play a game of pool with.


The barmaid replied "This is a lesbians bar & the pool table doesn't even have any BALLS"



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That situations isn't so funny, similar thing happened to me. I sold some equipment to a new Sydney nightclub years ago then a few weeks later I called on them (mid afternoon thankfully) to see how it was going. After standing around for 15 minutes waiting to talk to the guy I had dealt with it slowly dawned on me that there were only men in there & all were chatting huddled into close sort of groups. Seemed like a bit of fresh air via the front door was a good thing about then, I always avoid that section of Oxford Street (poxford the locals call it) street now.



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