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582 Electric fuel pump?

Guest GraemeM

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Some help please people.


What electric fuel pump ( fuel pressure ) do I use with a rotax 582?


Can there be to much or to little pressure?





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After a bit of research, I'm going to add a Facet pump (genuine, not a copy) model 40105 to my 582. The pump has a max pressure of 4 psi.


I will use it primarily to prime the carbs (thus removing the bulb hand primer), and as a backup in case of failure of the mechanical Mikuni pump.


So, will probably use it for take offs and landings as well.







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Low pressure facet is the way to go as per H/Feathers post. I have run one with my 582 for 5 yrs and no problems. Dont forget the bypass/one way valve and filter.

Thanks for the replies gentleman.


Tell me more about the bypass/one way valve and where it goes?


I have looked at pumps with 1.5 - 3.5psi, 2.5 - 4.5psi and 4 - 6psi. Which one fits my needs best.





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