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I'd like to "spin" up a little discussion on the advantages/disadvantages of the different number of blades on a prop. Why would you choose one over the other? Is there a limit to the # of blades per unit of power output, or what's the deal?


I know I can google it, but I am just trying to "propel" some lively discourse and learn more in the process. No decisions to be made here, and no animals were harmed in the process blah blah...



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haha I guess great minds think alike...


seems like I'd have seen it, given i pretty much browse the forum all day at work. I'll look for the thread - do you remember what it was called or which section it was in? Thanks though Guernsey!



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Thanks Alan, I found the thread, and this doc is very interesting - reading it now.


Not that I have any real reason to know or care, since I don't have a plane to consider it for, but it helps to keep my head in the game between lessons to read this kind stuff.



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