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First plane


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Hi everyone


Been flying GA for ten years converted to RA in a jab twelve months ago


nice little aircraft. Had a look at the pioneer 200 few weeks ago and was


inpressed . Interested to here from anyone who has flown one and what


they think.


regards Gary:cool:



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Guest pelorus32

Hi Gary,


I've flown a test flight in the Pioneer 200. I like the way it flies - nice and precise, no vices that I could find.


I guess my concern is that it's a bit of a mix and match - wooden and fabric wings with some composite I think. Metal, composite and fabric fuselage.


By all reports they are robust enough but I'm not so keen on the variety of materials.







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I had a test ride in the Pioneer 300... AWESOME machine..


Comfy, economical, 130Knot genuine cruise with a 100 horse Rotax, retract... variable pitch prop....


The only downside is the price... $175K. 051_crying.gif.fe5d15edcc60afab3cc76b2638e7acf3.gif


So if I was to own a plane, I would have to go GA... a second hand 172 or Pa28 is around half that of a new Pioneer.


Even a second hand Tecnam is $110K.... I always thought that RA was supposed to be affordable flying.....





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