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DOT 5 Brake Fluid in a J


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Guest imap8ntr

Hi Captain


I was confused about the service manual saying ONLY to use auto dot 4/5 brake fluid and Matco saying otherwise. What I found out that Jabiru changes the standard Matco master cylinder rubber seal to be able to handle auto brake fluid. I added the auto dot 4 which was what is in the S-LSA when I got it and have no problems. Be careful not to get any fluid on the paint as it will eat it away and make things look crappy.





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G'day Ivan


That is why I have gone with dot 5. It doesn't wreck the paint if you have a leak or a spill ...... and that is why Harley go with dot 5 for their bikes.


On any aircraft just think about a brake fluid leak while in flight. It would possibly be carried back all over the rear end.


Regards Geoff



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