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HKS 700e any problems? fitting to a TST


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HKS in Thruster.


The engine was designed to be a 4-stroke alternative for the rotax 582? and similar I believe. I have had some experience with the engine. Much cleaner installation without the exhaust bulk of a 2-stroke. PM me if you wish. N...



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Seems the HKS would workout at near $12000.00 which includes a new prop to suit [bolly]. Hirth 3203 at around $9000.00 for engine [gear box,dual ignition, electirc start, fuel injected] prop extra if required.Rotax 503 with B-box $5200.00. Cheers



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Guest TOSGcentral

Hmmmm! A bit about the HKS and Thrusters.



To my knowledge there are no Thrusters currently flying in Oz with HKS motors – certainly not legally. They were fitted to the Vision 600 initially (this is the license built Brit T600) but were soon discarded.



While good on paper they proved not to be up to the task and were gutless wonders when fitted to a Thruster. Those fitted were removed and replaced with R582 or Jab 2200 motors. If they were not up to the much cleaner 600 airframe then there would be no hope on the TST (or any of the earlier two seaters) and you would be better off with a R503, but I would recommend an R582 which really does suit the aircraft.



The situation is not as simple as just the motor – the Thruster two seat models are CAO 95.25 certified aircraft – they are NOT some derivation of CAO 95.10 where you can do much as you please. Deciding that this or that engine sounds nice does not mean that you can stick it on and go fly it legally!



For the record the currently approved CAO 95.25 model Thrusters (Gemini, TST, T300 & T500) are certified for the following engines ONLY!












Certified propellers are:



Catto 2 blade wooden


Brolga 2 blade composite ground adjustable


Brolga 3 blade composite ground adjustable.



To my certain knowledge there are a very few Thrusters operating with Jab 2200, R618 and a single T500 with a BMW R100. They are all illegal! If you are caught flying one then there are hefty fines and potential jail terms involved! If you have a prang and cause 3rd party damage then the court case you may have to defend will start with an aircraft that should not have been in the air in the first place! That means you have lost before the case even starts!



Now, before anyone gets excited let us look at the T600. The Jab 2200 is certified for this type but has been done so under BCAR Section S – NOT – under CAO 95.25! This may sound like administrative bull**** (and probably is in practical terms) but it is the LAW. So you cannot put a Jab 2200 (or anything else not on the list above) on one of the 95.25 Thrusters!



The BMW R100 engined T500 that I have mentioned above is currently sitting in my workshop. I have been after it for years and the owner has agreed to certify it. Despite my contacts and some very good CAR35 mates, it is going to be an involved process and an expensive one. That does not just apply to the BMW – it applies to ANY different engine. So please think carefully before you leap out and stick a different engine on a Thruster.



TOSG, in conjunction with the AUF/RAAus Tech Office has been doing a very effective job behind the scenes for many years now. Thruster owners may have more freedom on retrofit options than they realise and they are all legal CAO 95.25. Over the next year you are going to be getting a lot more. So please play the game and do it legal and we can all benefit!









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582 on Gemini


Thanks for that Tony.


Do you need the installation of say a 582 on a Gemini to be signed off by a Reg 35, or does it just need a Level 2?


I may go back to flying one again when I get a bit older. As you say, the 503 is a bit marginal. It was OK for solo, but not great two up. The fact that I learned to fly in one without any mishaps probably says more for my instructor than to my expertise, although I taught myself to do controlled ground loops when the fence was coming up and there wasn't enough room to go around.





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Guest TOSGcentral

Just a L2 will do and the motor goes on the Gemini with not much difficulty - may have to shorten the boom a little.


Try to avoid ground loops (controlled or otherwise) particularly on the all alloy Gemini, as the tail is just not up to the lateral forces and you will loosen up all the rivets (and there are a lot!)





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