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Importing Ultra light from South Africa


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My dad is immigrating to Australia soon and wants to bring his Scout Ultra light with him .



He has two options, one is to de-register it and then bring it in then re- register it once here ( cheaper option )



Or registered which is very costly.



Question is can he bring it unregistered and how easy is it to get registered again .



Thanks for any feed back










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Your father will need to prove that he owns the aircraft and has owned it for more than 12 months (I think?) to avoid paying import tax on it.


Registration will at least prove he owns it.


I'm not sure if the RAAus has a foreign transfer of registration sytem in place?


May have to import it registered, then de-register here in Australia and apply for a rego with the RAAus.


Don't know what this does at your end with trying to remove a registered aircraft from your country?







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